Rara Avis- Authentic French Cuisine in Delhi

My repertoire of French Food was limited to French onion soup, Souffle and the oh-so-french french toast (which we Indian’s love and which is no where near french food).
Whenever I hear the term French Food, I create a picture in my mind of a sophisticated dish which is paired with a glass of wine in a fancy restaurant in the lanes of Paree.


Located in GK 2 M block market, Rara Avis spans across two floors. With no frills interiors, Rara Avis has a rustic yet contemporary feel to it with the tan leather sofa and chairs along with the wooden flooring and edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling. The semi-open terrace adds on to the French touch. The ceiling covered with bulbs is worth noticing at once.
Since it was a Saturday afternoon and the sun had decided to shine way too brightly, we sat in the cozy dining area. The semi-open kitchen, bar and the desserts counter were the one’s that kept a leash on my attention.

Their menu boasts of a variety of french dishes (the names of which I couldn’t read. But luckily description) and a list of drinks to choose from.
My sojourn in the land of french food started with Virgin Caviar. Prepared with eggplant, topped with olive oil and served along with toasted bread. This dish did set some expectations for the place.


Then came in- Croutes Aux Morilles. Croutes, which are slices of toasted bread, topped with a port wine reduction sauce, which is creamy and has morel mushrooms in it. We combined this simple dish with red wine and white wine sangrias. Both of them were good, but I would prefer the white wine sangria.


In salads, I tried the Salade de Chèvre Chaud, a green salad along with toasted croutons which are topped with warm goat cheese. I also had- Carpaccio De Betterave, Feta Marinee Au Pesto. This vegetarian take on Carpaccio tasted rather good. Both the salads were well balanced in terms of the flavor. We paired this with a glass of strong yet refreshing peach martini.DSC06010

For the appetizers, I tried Croquettes De Poulet(chicken croquettes) and Croquettes de Legumes(vegetable croquettes). Even though I loved both, the carnivore in me chose Chicken croquettes over the vegetarian ones. Both were served along with main stay sauce of french cuisine, Bechamel and a sweet beetroot based sauce, which was nice.


Coming to Rara Avis and not trying Les Escargots (snails) would be a sin. A sin that I didn’t want to commit and hence ate (all of them). I wouldn’t lie, I did feel squeamish the time they arrived in front of me but after I tasted the first snail, I didn’t want to stop. The simple butter garlic made this dish elegant and without doubt a winner. I tried it with their freshly baked bread and Voila, experiment successful.
Then I had the Terrine Du Jour or the Meatpate. The coarse duck meat was served cold in a patty form along with gherkins. Though simple, it tasted great.

In the mains, I had Cordon Bleu. A pc of chicken stuffed with ham, mushroom and cheese. It was topped with the same sauce, as in Croutes Aux morilles. The chicken was well cooked and the flavor of the ham or the mushrooms didn’t overpower the flavor the chicken.
Ravioles Patate Douce Ricotta or sweet potato and ricotta cheese ravioli were served in red sauce. The filling had a velvety texture and the dish all together tasted brilliant.
I also tried the perfect risotto at Rara, Risotto Du Sous Bois or wild mushroom risotto. The Arborio were not overcooked and the flavour of the wild mushrooms in the creamy risotto did wonders.


My love for spinach was defined by Crepes Epinards Gratinee i.e a crepe which is stuffed with mildly flavored spinach, loaded with cheese and accompanied with a salad. The tomato based red sauce went along well with ricotta and spinach crepe.


I tried Bellini, which is an Italian cocktail made with wine. If you’re a fan of wine (like me), then this is it. Also, I was able to find a winner for the Winebibbers, their LIIT. Let me put it this way, Rara serves the best LIIT in Delhi Ncr (as compared to the ones I’ve tried before), Period.


Being a self respecting foodie, I would never end my meal without a dessert or two or three. I wasn’t completely satisfied with Creme Brulee and felt that the custard wasn’t properly set.
If you’re looking for some zing in your dessert, then don’t miss on to Tarte Au Citron i.e lemon tart which is served along with lemon sorbet.
Even after all this gluttony indulgence, my palate was able to detect the best desserts, which without doubt would be the Suicide Chocolat i.e a slice of buttery and rich chocolate cake slice served warm along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and Tiramisu. After having tried Tiramisu at a lot of different places, I would finally settle my search for the best Tiramisu in Delhi at Rara(untill I find a better option).



With a logo of a bird with face of a lion, body of a horse and tail of a peacock, Rara Avis, meaning a Rare Bird, is a one of a kind restaurant that is sure to impress you with its delicious french food, elegant decor and humble service. A place that is perfect for a romantic rendezvous with your loved one over some good food and wine.

Bon Appetit.


Food- 4/5



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