Vapour Bar Exchange- You’ll want the market to crash 

Being a commerce student, the stock market and the fluctuating prices of the stocks has always fascinated me a lot. I haven’t been able to deal in shares as yet, but a mock can definitely take place at Vapour Bar Exchange. Vapour Bar Exchange is located at the upcoming market of Sector 29 Gurgaon. With both indoor and outdoor seating, this place can easily accommodate around 100 people at once. Wooden hues pervade the place along with a few additions of pastel colors. The huge bar which has a microbrewery behind it is worth noticing. Though the first thing that came to my notice was the red colored phone booth which infact had a selection of cakes and pastries.


Here the prices of the drinks change on real time demand and supply basis and sometimes the market crashes, offering great discounts on your favorite drinks. This is the reason why they do not have the prices of the drinks on their menu which is actually a newspaper with suduko and other newspaper-y articles.

The entire bar is designed to simulate a real stock exchange, with LCD screens showing the volatile rates and a siren with red lights that goes off when the market crashes. You may choose to download their app and trade via the app or you may trade live at the bar.

Lunch at Vapour was like a share price in a bullish market, moving in an upward direction with a few kinks here and there. Since they are particularly known for their drinks, we tried the Red wine sangria, cosmopolitan, mojito and caprioska. They were strong enough to give a kick in our meal. We also tried a few reviving and refreshing mocktails like Summer hummer, Virgin Mojito and setting sun. Amongst all, my personal favourite would be the red wine sangria and the luchee flavoured summer hummer.


Serving up a variety of finger foods, indian mains and continental dishes, vapour has its menu set to cater to different palates. The Vapour fries which comprised of onion rings, potato wedges, french fries and the very delicious cheese bites. I had fallen in love with the crispy and fresh tostadas that were served along with sour cream. The non vegetarian in me was content with the succulent awadhi chicken tikkas and the delectable galawati platter and was a tad bit disappointed with chicken 65.


Their oriental pizza, cool and crisp salad and the pesto pasta were fair. But the highlight of the entire meal was the leek spinach soup. A very creamy soup with mild flavour of leek and white pepper along with spinach leaves. I would want to revisit Vapour for this soup alone.

My sweet tooth was not satisfied with the desserts which included caramel custard and choco mud pie. But my day was saved with the decadent blueberry cheese cake and the classic combination of walnut brownie with Ice Cream.


Overall, Vapour Bar Exchange has come up with a very unique concept in Delhi Ncr that is sure to capture a few eyes. Serving good food, nice ambiance and swift service, vapour has given me an experience that wouldn’t vaporise anytime soon 😉

So if you wish to invoke the “trader” in you and are willing to spend a good time with friends over a few drinks and lots of fun, then this is the place you should come and test your grey matter.


Food- 3.5/5



Vapour Bar Exchange Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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