Dana Choga’s Kitchen- Where Budget Meets Good Food

A place that one would want to visit when one is low on budget and is looking for some good quality and quantity of traditional north Indian food. With 15 branches in Delhi NCR and the aim of having 100 outlets in the next 5 years in the major cities, Dana Choga kitchen is sure to cater to every palate that longs for a hearty meal without burning a hole in the pocket. Their menu boasts of exclusive North Indian dishes, from curries to kebabs, all made from fresh ingredients.
While roaming in north campus, hunger pangs started to kick in and I came across this outlet of DCK. As I had never visited before, I was a little skeptical as to how would it turn out to be. Luckily, it didn’t turn out to be bad.


I wanted to try Pav bhaji but sadly, it wasn’t available. I tried the Paneer tikka, the quantity of which was great, but somehow lacked seasoning and the quintessential tandoori char on the Paneer cubes. Though it survived with the green chutney and onions. Then I tried the Veg thali and punjabi chicken meal. The veg thali comprised of very homely dal makhni, fairly good shahi paneer, delicious mix vegetables, soothing raita, steamed rice, 2 laccha paranthas and a gulab jamun, which ended the meal on a happy note. The punjabi chicken meal had a bowl of well spiced chicken gravy which had a riot of flavours in my mouth, 2 laccha paranthas(you may even choose roomali roti or tandoori roti) along with a portion of raita.

In under 600 bucks, I had a very wholesome and hearty meal. The little disappointment with the paneer tikka and the shahi paneer was offset by the other dishes in the meal. It would be a 3/5 for now, untill I try their kebabs and other dishes.



Food- 3/5

Service- 2.5/5

Ambiance- 2.5/5


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