The California Boulevard- Echoing Perfection

Ever been to a restaurant that gives you an experience that is etched so vividly that it forces you to recommend it to anyone and everyone you know of ?


If you’re up for a gastronomical adventure to blow your mind away, then think no more because The California Boulevard is here to rescue and it will leave you with an experience like none other.

Named after the American Landmark THE CALIFORNIA BOULEVARD, this restaurant is a celebration of some iconic elements from the American world which have been beautifully captured and are sure to amuse it’s patrons.

The huge palm trees on the facade, that bright up golden in the evening, make this place identifiable from a distance. Greeted with a Harley Davidson, you will be transported to America the moment you enter. The replica of the Hollywood walk of fame and the bright red replica of the tram (which operates as a bar) will catch your eye for a second as you observe the plush seating area with antique lamp posts besides the tables and big screens with posters of famous celebrities changing with the music. Spread across two floors, TCB has an Al-fresco dining area attached, which is perfect for a get together with friends and family.

Whatever the preferences, TCB would not leave you disappointed as it is extravagantly equipped with a variety of dishes and drinks to binge on. With a menu that serves 300 dishes from 30 nations, TCB has made sure that it leaves no customer disappointed.

Started with some succulent Kafir Lime Chicken Tikka, which had a beautiful hint of cheese and lemongrass. The Sushi paneer, a dish prepared by stuffing paneer with cheesy mushrooms and ginger, forced me to discard the veg sushi that I tried here. The poultry lover in me would pick the crisp, juicy, sweet and spicy Chicken Tai Chi as the winner. For the vegetarians, tangy button mushrooms would be a good alternative. The Quesadilla here turned out to be a respite from the Quesadillas that I’ve tried elsewhere in Delhi. Don’t fret to order Dilli Ki Chat as this might turn out to be the best starter and an absolute palate booster. Though I loved the warm peanut sauce that came along with Indonesian Chicken Satay, I felt that the chicken was a bit overdone. Between Prawn Agilo and Prawn Spring Rolls, the latter surely has an upper hand.

After the scrumptious appetisers, it was time to march my fork and knife to the mains. The Thai Green Curry with vegetables, served along with fluffy rice is something that anyone who loves thai food would adore. Paneer Timbal, a beautiful and delicate dish prepared with round pcs of paneer layered with tomato pesto sauce and served with a delicate tomato gravy was a wow vegetarian dish. The Chicken Pot Pie was a humble dish with simple flavours. I would love to have this in winters. The chicken was beautifully cooked with cream, mushroom and leeks and the dish was topped with a crispy puff. It was the creamy and buttery Lobster that totally stole the show for me. Cooked to perfection and with mild flavours, I could actually get the flavour of the lobster.


Not only the dishes, but complete justice is done to the drinks menu as well. If you’re in for a mocktail, then simply order the Spicy Gauva. A drink so good, that I almost forgot that it was non-spirited. While for the ones who like a bit of vodka, the Cucumber and Basil Caiprioska would be a refreshing hit. However, my personal favourite, without any doubt, would be the rather strong and fancy flavoured Sun Godess.

Though full, I couldn’t help myself and tried the Chocolate Bomb and Kulfi BonBons. The Chocolate Bomb would be a dramatic dessert with the dark chocolate almond brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, covered with a chocolate dome, being melted by hot toffee sauce. Chocoholics delight. If you don’t fancy drama, then kulfi bonbons can be a good alternative. Small kulfi balls with different flavours, covered in a thick layer of Belgium chocolate. Perfect for those who have little space left or those who don’t have a big sweet tooth.

Overall, The California Boulevard offers a culinary experience like none other. The swift white gloved service combined with some impeccable dishes and a chic ambiance with the backdrop of good music, makes TCB appear on my must places to try in Delhi Ncr. A place perfectly fit for hawling brunches with friends or intimate dinners with your loved one, TCB has truly redefined perfection and would make you feel no less than a celebrity.

Rating-                                                   Cost- Rs. 2000 for Two(Approx)                                


Service- 4.5/5

Ambiance- 4.5/5

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