Cilantro- Got Swiss-ed

Home to the high peaks of the Alps, Switzerland, is known for its scenic beauty, swiss banks, watches and the much obvious and most important, Cheese and Chocolates. Besides the swiss cheese and swiss chocolates, I had no idea about its cuisine and the dishes that are native to Switzerland (other than the cheesy fondue) However, after my visit to Cilantro, I certainly have gained some knowledge about the diversity of Swiss cuisine.

DSC07046 DSC06984

Cilantro, an award winning multi cuisine restaurant at the plush Trident Hotel, Gurgaon, offers a chic and contemporary ambience under the beautiful and magnificent crimson and gold dome. Serving Mediterranean, Indian and Thai Cuisine, Cilantro has an indoor seating for 64 while the broad and beautiful verandah can accommodate 40.

My Visit to Cilantro, a few days back, to savour the delicacies of swiss cuisine, prepared by Chef Renda Fabrizzio and Chef Pintonello Silvano from the renowned Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, was no less than an experience.

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The six course meal at Cilantro started with an Amuse Bouche, Spinach and Goma. Blanched spinach with sesame seeds along with goma(a Japanese sesame seed based sauce) had set the palate for the evening. This was followed by Capuns-Chard filled with salami and spatzli dough, and Polenta with cheese fondue and truffle. Though the flavour of the salami wasn’t coming across well with the chard, the creamy poleta sailed the dish to the safe shore.

12188637_10207859659039498_987294096_n 12179973_10207859557076949_1460612484_n

The simple and creamy Barley Soup with bacon was comforting. Adding a bit of black pepper helped to enhance the flavour of the thick soup. Next came the Chicken Pojarski, Potato Rosti, Natural Jus and Black Truffles, along with Sautéed Sliced Pork with tanglierini. The chicken pojarski turned out to be the best dish of the evening with simple flavours, and went perfectly well with the buttery potato rosti.

12200732_10207859558036973_1611927648_n 12188535_10207859557596962_905590101_n

Swiss Fondue did justice to the swiss cheese and was the perfect thing to have while chatting along with fellow bloggers. Olives and onions were my picks for the fondue. Then our final destination in the swiss food world at Cilantro was the delicate and warm apple strudel with vanilla sauce and the oh-so-divine Swiss style chocolate mousse, which is sure to give any chocolate mousse a run for its fame.

12177835_10207859556156926_2095773048_n 12179640_10207859556516935_854751643_n

Overall, though the dishes were made with simple ingredients, they spoke volume when it came to balancing different ingredients and were indeed executed well. The swift service and the waiters knowledge about the dishes was very impressive. So if you wish to savour some delicious swiss flavours(or get swiss-ed), then head on to Cilantro, Gurgaon before 6th November 2015 and relish authentic swiss cuisine.

Ps- The review is invite based. Event organised by EazyDiner.

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