Mia Bella

A place where every nook and cranny harbors an eatery, Hauz Khas Village is no less than a food court offering a variety of cuisines to choose from, satisfying every palate and satiating everyone’s appetite. HKV, though cramped up, turns out to be a party hub and therefore, makes its way to the youngsters must visit places. A place that is perfect to either catch up with friends over a few drinks or to meet a loved one over a candle lit dinner while adorning the scenic beauty.


A place that boasts of one of the most beautiful view of the historic fort, the tranquil lake which appears to be Green because of the surrounding thick ridge, Mia Bella, meaning my beautiful, is a place that certainly lives upto its name.



Take the three flights of steep stairs, just before entering the fort, and you’ll find yourself in the revamped Mia Bella. The chic and casual ambiance is created by using hues of brown and creme, contrasted with the pop of orange. You may choose to sit on the comfortable sofa or bean bags on the third floor or on metallic chairs on the fourth floor.

Offering a mix of African, Italian, Lebanese and American cuisines, Mia Bella gives its own touch to a few dishes, making them unique and more delectable.

My visit to Mia Bella a few weeks back, turned out to be a ride with it’s own ups and downs. Fortunately, with more ups than downs. My ride began with a strong cosmo, served in a fancy glass along with chicken Caesar salad and fijan mix lettuce and walnut salad. Though both were perfect to start my meal, I would choose the walnut salad over the chicken caesar salad.


The tomato and olive bruschetta had the flavor basil pesto and was topped with balsamic vinegar, making it a well executed dish. The cigar rolls (V), were golden fried and crisp, and went well with the sweet chilli sauce. I paired the cigar rolls with a glass of white wine sangria, which was sweet and hence, unappetizing. While the Strawberry Shake turned out to be nice and thick with perfect sweetness.



The dish that caught my attention, because of its name was- Fusion to Confusion Tacos. A dish made with Papad as the taco shell. The paneer tikka cubes combined with other fresh ingredients was nice, but the shell became a bit soft and soggy. As an advice, if the shell is deep fried and not roasted, it wouldn’t become soggy that fast.



Known for its thin crust pizzas, I tasted their butter chicken pizza and cheese pizza. Both of which turned out to be great and helped me to conclude that Mia Bella actually has good, if not the best pizzas.



While all went well until now, the desserts came as a disappointment. I tried the chocolate fondant and Mia Bella Sundae. I felt that the chocolate fondant was a bit on the sweeter side and thus, the richness of the dark chocolate was lost. Mia Bella Sundae, a mix of different flavours of ice cream combined with fresh green apples, lacked appeal.
To save the meal to end on a not so sweet note, I tried a couple of drinks, which certainly made up for the desserts. The bellini, though nice, wasn’t the best that I’ve had and the lemon Mojito was nice and refreshing.

DSC06871Overall, the exercise of walking up three floors to reach Mia bella, didn’t go in vain. I can say that Mia Bella has a talented kitchen but the service has scope for improvement. The culinary ride combined with the beautiful view of the village was successful, in-spite of the few jitters here and there.


Food- 3.5/5

Service- 2.5/5

Ambiance- 4/5

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