Boombox Cafe- PromOn Event

We are always in a lookout for a way to cut down on our expenses and hence, the discounts and offers are what attract us the most. Now that we already have those in place when it comes to clothing, how about deals and discounts on food ? And that too, not involving any sort of pre-payment or print out issues.

This is what PromOn (Promotion is on) is doing by connecting the customers with the businesses directly over social media, leading to a win-win situation. Though their deals and offers are great, the biggest benefit would be the payment, which is done after the offer is availed and not before.

In three simple steps you could enjoy your time without burning a hole in your pocket.

All you have to do is to-

1. Visit their website and choose the deal.

2. Share the deal on Facebook.

3. Use the voucher you receive on your email Id.

If the deal was not a benefit in itself, you get brownie points in the form of PromOn Credits after you avail a deal. Not only this, but you also earn credits if your friend shares the deal on social media.


I had got the opportunity to try out PromOn a while back at The Boombox Cafe in Khan Market. The offer comprised of 6 drinks/6 Pints(domestic) along with a starter from the menu and a bowl of fries/nachos. All is at a steal deal of Rs. 899 all inclusive. If this not not a steal deal, then I don’t know what is. There is this and many more on


If you wish to tame your rumbling stomach without having to compromise on good food, hearty drinks and quirky ambiance, then the first cafe in Khan Market, Boombox, might just be the right place for you.

Drawing inspiration from the boombox revolution in 1970s in America, this swanky eatery, spread across 4000sq ft in Khan Market is characterised by graffiti on the walls, table mats with music-based slogans, metal shutters and the loud music, which overall exudes a different kind of energy.

The long list of dishes from all around the world, would leave one spoilt for choice but alongside, will make sure that there is something to satisfy every palate. The bar menu offers a variety of well prepared concoctions, all set to get you in groove.

While I liked the not too strong orange cosmo, the Long island ice tea had an upper hand. The bloody Mary didn’t disappoint me either. As for the non-alcoholic drinks are concerned, I would anyday pick their thick and creamy dark chocolate shake. Pair your drinks with a huge bowl of nachos, served along with sour cream and tomato salsa or try their sweet and spicy chicken wings.

The chilli chicken and chilli paneer, both are great in terms of the flavour. The mix vegetable dimsum go well with the spicy red sauce, but it is the prawn sui mai that steals the show. Filled with juicy prawn, this sui mai can give any other sui mai at a 5 star hotel, a run for its money. But the dish that should not be missed at any cost would be their keema pav. Spicy chicken keema which has a riot of flavours combined with mildly roasted pavs is a steal deal.

Overall, if you want to break your days monotony and meet a couple of friends over a few drinks and snacks, then Boombox Cafe can be a good option.

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