Cooking made Simple- Cook Gourmet

There are two types of people in this world-

1) Who love to eat and

2) Who love to eat and love to cook as well. (Love for food being the common factor)

But the ones who only love to eat and not cook, often fret the entire effort that goes into making a delicious dish. Thinking that the efforts would go in vain, or too much effort is required would probably be the two deterrent factors.

But now everyone can make their own delicious recipes, that too restaurant-like at their own comfort, all thanks to Cook Gourmet.

Cook Gourmet offers a fixed number of dishes to choose from every week(both vegetarian and non vegetarian) and delivers all the essential items to make your own meal, hence, minimizing effort and cooking time as well.

Currently Cook Gourmet is delivering across Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida in about 2 hours time. All the items that arrive are fresh and in proportion, so you don’t even have to worry about chopping the vegetables or measuring the right quantities. Simply follow the instructions and as a result of it, you’ll have a delicious dish to satiate your cravings.


A few days back, I got my parcel of goodness from Cook Gourmet. I had ordered Chili Chicken in Coconut Gravy with Rice and was rewarded for my choice.

DSC08165 A box with cook gourmet logo arrived, which contained very well packaged ingredients along with the instructions to prepare the recipe. It took me less than 25 minutes to prepare a hearty meal for 2 without any fuss.

DSC08194Before ordering, I was a bit skeptical regarding the quantity, thinking that it might not be enough to feed two hungry and rumbling stomachs, but fortunately, the quantity turned out be much more than expected and I was left very well fed.

Click here to know the recipe-

Overall, my experience with Cook Gourmet turned out to be great and I would certainly try the other products as well. The prompt delivery, well packaged ingredients and simple recipe have made Cook Gourmet a favourite of mine, which I would love to recommend to all my readers.

So if you wish to give a wake up call to the chef inside, then cook gourmet might just be the right thing.

Visit their website now-

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