The Village Balcony

In a line- A new entrant in HKV serving fusion food at great prices.

Cuisine- Continental, Chinese, Indian(Fusion)

Price for two– Rs. 1400(approx)

Nearest Metro Station- Green Park

Must Haves- Grilled Sattu soup, Koliwada Tawa Fisss

With changing culinary trends, the palate of Delhi-ites is widening and hence, they are more willing to try something new and exciting. Thinking out of the box is the need of the hour as regular cafes or fine dining restaurants are no longer attractive enough to catch people’s attention. As a result of this change, a lot of new restaurants and cafes have come up and thereby increased the competition in the market. Being different is what gives one the essential competitive edge.

Keeping this in mind, The Village Balcony has come up with the concept of fusion food. Picking up dishes from around the villages of the world and giving them their own unique twists is what The Village Balcony is all about.

Located in the ever bustling hauz khas village, the place-to-go for all youngsters, the village balcony roosts at a very strategic location, right at the start of the market and thereby, ensuring that it does not go unnoticed by any eye. The airy balcony is what gives this restaurant its name.

Take the flight of stairs and a huge wooden door welcomes you inside the village balcony. A positive aura assails when one enters. The interiors are marked by the simple wooden furniture with floral cloth, huge windows that separate the indoor seating with the balcony seating, colorful lanterns hanging from the ceiling, naked bricks and uneven walls, giving the quintessential rustic charm combined with the modern infusion. Hues of brown pervade the entire area and it is the balcony that you should ideally opt for- to soak in the sun while you sip onto some innovative concoctions or groove to the music as the sun goes down while enjoying some delicious dishes.

On my visit to HKV a few days back, I happened to visit The Village Balcony after having waited for a while now. Without giving it a second thought, I chose to sit in the balcony and enjoy some sunlight.

The meal began with an unusual yet delicious and wholesome Grilled Sattu Soup(Rs 145) that came along with 2 strips of flatbread and lemon. (as an advice, do squeeze some lemon juice for that extra zing). The Marwadi Empanadas (Rs 195) appeared to be like gujiya. Stuffed with samosa style potatoes and manchego cheese, and drizzled with sweet sauce, these crisp golden fried half moons are a must have. I accompanied the empanadas with a glass of tropical sour, a balanced blend of fruit juices with lemon.

The Humus Bin Makhleyah (Rs 295) had slices of soft pita bread that went well with the fresh humus, pickled vegetables and crispy cauliflower. The Grilled Rum Chicken(Rs 325) had tender chicken drumsticks tossed in sweet and tangy sauce, and were served along with potato fries. A bit more flavour of the rum would have been appreciated.

The flatbread or thin crust pizza is square shaped and can be divided into two halves of different toppings. While the french onion compote(Rs 145) was on a sweeter side, I enjoyed the American corn and blue cheese(Rs 145) side of the pizza. The Nargisi Scotch Eggs(Rs 295), combination of the nargisi kofte and scotch eggs turned out to be a delicious and spicy affair. I’d advice you to have it along with the buttered bread that comes along to cut down the spiciness.

The pièce de résistance was the Koliwada Tawa Fisss (Rs 325). A de-boned pomfret fish, stuffed with onions, green chillies and coriander, coated with chilli paste and griddle fried. The juicy fish had an explosion of flavour in my mouth, and thus, making it the dish of the day.

Everything went well until the time came for desserts. Unfortunately, the only thing in their dessert menu is the chocolate brownie with ice cream(Rs 155). And hence, I had no option but to settle down with it. Though it tasted great, I’d certainly love to see some more desserts in the menu and desserts which are also innovative and fusion based, like the rest of the menu.


Overall, The Village Balcony has an interesting menu to offer and their prices are lower as compared to the other eateries in hauz khas village. The soothing ambience combined with swift service and delicious food make this place worth a visit.


Food– 3.5/5

Service- 3.5/5

Ambience– 3.5/5

Value for money– 3.5/5

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