Solution to mid-meal hunger pangs- Snackible

Who wouldn’t want to munch onto some delicious snacks to subside the hunger pangs that kick-in between meals ? The element of being delicious is what becomes our weakness and hence, we end up gaining the extra calories, those which could have been avoided simply by eating the right kind of snacks. And the ‘right kind’ would imply healthy snacks, which might can turn out to be either expensive and unpalatable(at times).

This is what forms the foundation of Snackible, a company offering a variety of premium range of healthy products at reasonable prices with convenient access. Focusing on three factors- healthy, tasty and unique, Snackible brings to us a variety of snacks to choose from. Currently, their menu has 18 items to choose from and the number will increase by 3-4 items every month, as they keep on adding more items. Thereby, ensuring that you’re not bored of eating the same snacks every month.

Since Snackible is based out of Bombay, the delivery time to any city, other than Bombay would be 2-3 days. Waiting for 2-3 days for your snacks to arrive might just sound very daunting, but would seem to be all worth it when you dig into their delicious snacks without having any guilt of gaining as much calories. Also, you also have an option to choose(for yourself or for someone else as a subscription gift) a weekly or monthly subscription plan. Ranging from Rs. 299 for a weekly box to Rs. 4350 for 6 months, snackible is sure to keep you munching.

A few days back, my weekly subscription box arrived, packed neatly in a box full of individual packages of munchy deliciousness.

I couldn’t help myself, but for my love for waffles, I had to try the wholewheat belgian choco chip waffle(Rs.65) before any other item. With the texture similar to that of a shortcake, this waffle turned out to be different than the usual waffles that we get and still managed to taste great. The dark chocolate ragi cookies(Rs.50) were so good that I’d happily replace the chocolate cookies in my pantry with a bunch of these.

The baked pizza stick dippers (Rs.65) had a bit of spice that was mellowed down by the tartar cream that it was accompanied with. The baked bhakarwadi (Rs. 65) were much better than their deep fried counterparts, and went well with a hot cup of tea. The only thing that I was skeptical about was the seedy trial mix (Rs.80), but oddly enough, these turned out to be the best amongst the lot. A mix of roasted watermelon, sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds with almonds and dates, I finished half of this sweet mix as it is, and devoured the second half after mixing it with some yogurt.

Overall, the weekly trial box turned out to be a hamper filled with munchy goodness, one which I’d certainly recommend. The unqiue, healthy and delicious snacks, their timely arrival and prices which don’t burn a hole in your pocket, is what makes Snackible the solution to your mid-meal hunger pangs. So if you wish to take a departure from the not-so-healthy snacks, then Snackible is here for you.

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  1. wow, looks so good!


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