Walk down the ‘Pebble Street’

In a line- A perfect place to catch up with friends over a few drinks during football/cricket matches.

Cuisine- Cafe food, Tex-Mex, Italian, Continental

Price for two- Rs. 1800(approx)

Must haves- Masala-ka, Mumbai Ice Tea, Vietnamese chicken, Alpine Sundae

Nearest Metro Station- Rajiv Chowk

If you are looking for a place to catch up with your friends to binge onto some delicious food to invigorate your taste buds while enjoying a few heady cocktails as you groove to the music, then Pebble Street would just be the perfect place for you to take refuge and let go of the days monotony.

Being in operation since 1998 at their New Friends Colony outlet and since Oct 2014 in Connaught Place, Pebble Street strives to impress its patrons with its distinct European street feel, food from around the world and a selection of drinks which cater to everyones preferences.

I visited this popular watering hole last week to know what the buzz is all about, and the buzz, somehow seemed to be worth it after I spent around 3 hours without realising how the time flew away in talks, food and drinks.

An arched wooden door with hanging street lamps on the sides welcomed me inside the restaurant which gave off a mellow vibe of a European street with the street lamps, hanging flags and the balconies with flower pots on the windowpanes. The exposed red bricks, a mish-mash of pebble and wooden flooring and chic leather furniture added to the rustic ambience of this restaurant.

Enter, and you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off the huge bar in the center that is extravagantly equipped with various concoctions. Watching the mixologist weave liquid magic, I decided to take down a few drinks.

While it is difficult for me to point out any jitters with the sangria, bellini or the refreshing ginger ale, a few drinks just clearly stood up from the rest and became my favourite. Masala-ka, prepared with vodka, lemonade, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce, this spicy concoction went well with their in-house made Nachos with triple dip. I also discovered a winner for teetotalers, the Mumbai Ice Tea, which was nothing but a great blend of our beloved LIIT and Kala khatta for the extra zing and masaledaar punch. Remember- their happy hours are from 12:30 till 8:30, so don’t forget to take advantage of that.

The food menu is elaborate and offers a mix of finger food, continental, Italian and Tex-Mex, ensuring that each palate goes satisfied.

While I missed the quintessential croutons from the caesar salad and babaganoush from the mezze platter, the other starters sailed to the safe shore; be it the juicy chicken wings slithered in bbq sauce, spicy crumb fried jalapeño poppers or the veg shawarma stuffed with spiced cottage cheese. Though my pick would be the crisp and deep fried chicken with mayonnaise, Mayo Pollo and the Vietnamese chicken, served with sea salt and lemon.

For the mains, I chose to devour Ravioli il Fungo i.e. mushroom ravioli with creamy tomato sauce. Though I had no issues with the ravioli or the flavours, I’d advice if the quantity of the sauce is reduced so that the pasta is visible and does not get submerged in the sauce. The grilled fish with lemon mustard sauce, accompanied along with tossed vegetables and mashed potatoes turned out to be a simple and elegant dish.

After all this gluttony, it was time the contemplate the most important part of any meal, the desserts. The chocoholic in me loved the chocolicious brownie with ice cream and caramel sauce in a waffle cone-like glass and the warm and sinfully indulgent chocolate pastry with ice cream. The tiramisu had a beautiful texture but lacked the punch of kahlua(coffee liquor). But the highlight of the meal was the Alpine Sundae, which defined simplicity in the best way possible. Made with three simple ingredients, ice cream, whipped cream (which was fresh and not out of the can) and fresh fruits, this sundae would make me come back here.

Overall, my lunch at Pebble Street was no less than an experience, one that is forcing me to try their other outlet very soon. A little honing over the service would make shine like a new penny(pebble!). So if you’re wanting to spend some quality time with friends while enjoying a cricket or football match, you know where you should head on to.


Food- 4/5

Service- 3.5/5

Ambiance 4/5

Value for Money- 4/5


Pebble Street Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. gurpreetsinghtikku says:

    Karan Bhai…. I have been to Pebble Street bahit baar….. but the Pic of sundae made me curious to look more inside and Im glad that I did. It was wonderful reading the blog and it made me salivate so much that I already have made plans to go to Pebble Street and try Masala-Ka , Chicken Wings, Vietnamese Chicken, Grilled fish and ofcourse the Alpine Sundae.
    Thanks Jee. A good read it is 🙂


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