Walking Street by Soi 7- Beer much ?

In a line- a casual diner to catch up with friends over beer and food.

Cuisine- Multi-Cuisine

Price for two– Rs. 1800(approx)

Must haves- Raw mango Salad, Raw Papaya Salad, Pattaya LIIT

Nearest metro Station- IIFCO Chowk


Neon lit bars, strip joints and nightclubs are the things that come to our minds when we hear the term Walking Street, a place known for its night life all around the world. They say that its an experience that one cannot forget anytime soon(for obvious reasons).

While I cannot comment on the experience with Walking Street (since I haven’t been to Thailand as yet), I can certainly comment upon my experience at Walking Street by Soi 7, which is categorised by good food, drinks and music. Thereby, making it the perfect place to catch up with a few friends over a weekend or simply unwind a busy weekday.

Located in the ever growing market of Gurgaon, sector 29, Walking Street by Soi 7 has a microbrewery in place and hence, becomes the place to come with your beer buddies to chug onto a few mugs of beer while enjoying the music in the background as you nibble onto some delicious finger food.

The dim lit restaurant is divided into floors and hence, you can either choose to sit under the sun in the afternoon or inside the cosy restaurant in the evenings. The attached smoking zone i.e. the balcony as the add on feature. The restaurant has an industrial touch in its interiors along with hues of brown and red add on to the warmth.

The huge bar in the center is all set to come up with some great concoctions to binge on if you’re tired of having beer or are not a fan of it. The Caribbean Sunrise(Rs 290) that has a beautiful hint of fresh fruit juice and Pattaya Long Beach(Rs 350) which is basically an LIIT infused with cranberry juice shouldn’t be missed by those who fly high.

And for those who like to keep it sober, the sweet and spicy Banta(Rs 190) or the refreshing Melon Madness(Rs 190) can churn out to be the best options. Salads, a section of the menu that is generally skipped, shouldn’t be missed at any cost when here.

The Som Tam(Rs 195) or the raw papaya salad and the Yum Ma Muang(Ra 195) i.e. the thai raw mango salad are not to be missed and can give any thai restaurant serving these salads, a run for its price.

The Chicken Crystal Dumplings(Rs 255) can be worth a shot but their vegetarian counterpart can be easily skipped. Grilled Baby Potatoes(Rs 295) and the Chilli Paneer(Rs 295) can become your safest and delicious vegetarian options. While on the other hand, the over fried crispy lotus stem(Rs 295) and the oily Prawns Tempura(Rs 425) might not be the best options.

The Galawati Platter(Rs 395) would probably be the never-to-order platter due to the unappetising texture and flavour of the kebabs. Also, though the pizzas are loaded with cheese and delicious toppings, a bit of more pizza sauce and a few more minutes in the oven will make it the perfect pizza that everyone craves for.

End your meal with either a delicious coconut tres leches(Rs 175) which has a beautiful soft texture or the crispy Darsan or Sesame Toasted Honey Noodles with Vanilla Ice Cream(Rs 155), to conclude your meal on a happy and sweet note.

Overall, though the food had its ups and downs, Walking Street does churn some good drinks and will be a good place to meet friends. The service needs to be honed over a bit in terms of the waiters knowledge about the food getting served in order to elevate the overall experience.


Food- 3/5

Service- 2.5/5

Ambiance- 3.5/5

Value for money- 3.5/5

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