Asian Hawkers Market 2

A celebration of delicacies from south-east Asia and far east, Asian Hawkers Market is all set to take you across an Asian culinary walk without stepping out of Delhi.
Dishes from Japan and China to Indonesia and Bali along with some fusion asian food with Indian tadka, there is a lot to look forward to when visiting this one-of-a-kind asian food extravaganza.

Location- Saket Mall

Till 14th February

Starts at 12:00

The second edition of AHM is bigger and better with around 125 dishes from 32 restaurants. The price range of each dish is from Rs. 100- Ra. 500 and the portion sizes are comparatively smaller, which thereby enable our cravings for Asian food to be satiated by trying dishes from more stalls. Because after all, the more the merrier.

While there is a lot to look forward to at AHM, I have picked out my favourites, which are without doubt, must haves at this food festival.

  1. Open Litchi Wonton at HAWKERS CHOWK- Crisp base with aromatic herbs, bean sprouts and litchi, this will make a person who dislikes litchi, fall in love with it. img_5496
  2. Mantau Buns with Bull Dog Sauce at MAMAGOTO- who knew that aubergine could taste this good? Golden fried and crisp, aubergine placed between mantua buns and topped with bull dog sauce can give a cheese dripping burger, a run for its price. img_5489
  3. Spicy Asparagus and Curry Veg Dimsums at BIG WONG- Dimsums so good, that’ll make you come back here again and again. Try the spicy asparagus for the chilli hit or go in for the subtle curry veg dimsum which is actually topped with coconut curry on top.

    4. Schezwan Chilli Idky at HAWKERS CHOWK- deep fried ldlys tossed in spicy and tangy red chilli suave and onions and bell peppers, this spicy South Indian dish with Chinese tadka is sure to impress. img_5495

    5. Pork Belly Bao at LE MERIDIEN- slow cooked pork belly with spices countering the sweet bao and the crunch from the cucumber countering the softness of the bao, this medley of textures and flavours cannot be missed at any cost.


    6. Gabbies Punch at NEUNG ROI and Litchi Cooler at JADE- Wish to sip onto something refreshing as you devour asian delicacies ? Then these can churn out to be the best at AHM.

    Some other praise worthy dishes include Chicken Bao at THE FATTY BAO, Chicken kara-age at EN and Kung Pao Chicken Dosa Wrap at HAWKERS CHOWK


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