Mukhtalif Biryanis- Biryani is just a call away

In a line- Delivery only outlet in Gurgaon serving authentic Mysore, Mughlai and Awadhi Biryani.

Cuisine- Biryani, Kebabs

Price for two- Rs. 600(approx)

Must haves– Murg Taj Kebab, Rajma ke Galauti, Chicken Awadhi Biryani

What is it about biryani that makes our mouth water ? Its the fragrance of the fluffy rice that comes from opening the vessel, the tenderness of the meat used in the cooking process and the flavour of the spices that make it one of the most loved items from the array of rice dishes.

The debate of what is an authentic biryani and where can one find the best amongst the myriad options is certainly never going to end. The primary reason being the different types of biryanis available, which might make it difficult for people to decide their personal favourite.

With Mukhtalif Biryanis, you can get a taste all the different types of biryanis, like awadhi, lucknawi and pick your personal favourite. Mukhtalif, which means various, is a delivery only outlet that has recently opened up in Gurgaon that serves not only some delicious variety of biryanis to binge on, but along with that they offer great kebabs and curries to make your entire meal no less than an experience.

While all their Biryanis i.e. Mughlai, Awadhi, Mysore, are packed full of flavour, my personal favourite was the Mughlai Chicken Biryani that had a drool inducing aroma and falling off the bone chicken.

Though it is said that there is nothing such as vegetable biryani, as it counts as a pulav than being a biryani, Mukhtalif has decided to come up with their version of vegetable biryani that is sure to give any non-vegetarian biryani a run for its money.

Similarly, though they score high on their non-vegetarian kebabs like the Murg Taj Kebab and Tawa Mutton, the vegetarian counterpart of the galauti kebab( Rajma ke Galauti) would be my pick.

Overall, if you wish to satisfy your cravings for some delicious biryanis and kebabs, Mukhtalif might just be the right place for you to simply call and place your order.


Food- 3.5/5

Packaging- 3.5/5

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  1. purvabhatia says:

    I have been hunting for good biryani for a long time! Recently went to a restaurant which I wrote about here: Do take time to read and comment 🙂 From your description about Rajma ke galauti seem tempting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Lovely read indeed. Would certainly give it a try 🙂


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