Canteen food with a twist at The Delhi Canteen

In a line- A cosy restaurant serving delicious canteen style food with a twist.

Cuisine– Continental, North Indian

Price for two– Rs. 1000(approx)

Nearest Metro Station- Malviya Nagar

Must haves- Tandoori chicken naanizaa, Mallika-e-malai, Curryappa

The term “canteen” brings the fond memories of our School and College days where we enjoyed some delicious meals with our pals when we didn’t take our lunch boxes(or purposely forgot them at home 😉 at a price that couldn’t have been friendlier to our wallets.

The Delhi Canteen, a small and colourful restaurant, set between the shops of Malviya Nagar market is one canteen that might not take you back to your school or college, but will certainly be a place where you can catch up with your friends to remember those fond memories as you dig into their canteen style food with an interesting twist.

Welcomed by a bright orange coloured door, TDC is offers a quirky ambiance with the dash of pop colours and yellow lighting. Hues of brown and cream are predominant which give a cosy vibe to the whole place and therefore, makes it a good place to come with family and friends.

Serving a mix of continental and North Indian food, their menu boasts of a variety of dishes to choose from, each with their own unique names and twists. The fact that their desserts are in-house and that all the breads are fresh baked in the main kitchen itself, earns it a brownie point from my side.

Start your meal with a not-so-healthy but delicious salad prepared with aloo chaat and peanuts, named Chatori Katori(Rs 130),that has a beautiful medley of sweet and spicy notes or jump onto their special Appys Delight(Rs 150) i.e. Spicy Keema Pav, that arrives in a colourful lunch box along with a kuchumbar salad to mellow down the spiciness.
The Tandoori Chicken Naanizza(Rs 170), a combination of the beloved pizza and naan, topped with shredded pieces of tandoori chicken, onions and bell peppers, is a must try at TDC. Pair it with Chatpataka(Rs 110) /masalesar thumbs up or a ginger ice tea(Rs 110), and you’ll be good to go.

The South Delhi Sandwich(Rs 170), though prepared with fresh focaccia bread and grilled vegetables, can give any non-vegetarian sandwich loaded with meat, a run for its price. The curried cream sauce pasta a.k.a Mallika-E-Malai(Rs 200), has a distinct curry flavour that doesn’t overpower the cheese and pairs beautifully well.
While you may skip the fish tikka in the Non-Vegetarian Platter(Rs 395), the chicken tikka and chicken malai tikka are not to be missed at any cost.

The highlight dish would be the Curryappa(Rs 290). A speciality main course at TDC, it consists of grilled chicken topped with a fragrant coconut gravy and served along with vegetable rice. The unusual combination went well together, thereby making it an instant hit.

End your meal on a sweet note with the all time favourite combination of hot gulab jamuns with cold rabri a.k.a Jamuna Paar(Rs 180) or dig into the hot and chocolaty cake jar that comes with salted caramel sauce to balance out the sweetness. Choose what you may, and you wouldn’t be disappointed by their in-house desserts.

Overall, The Delhi Canteen is a great place to go if you’re looking for a place to go out with your family or are simply wanting to catch up with a few friends over a good meal, without letting your wallet loose onto a lot of weight.


Food- 3.5/5

Service- 3.5/5

Ambiance- 3.5/5

Value for Money- 4/5

The Delhi Canteen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato




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