Lets focus upon health with ZOE 

In a line– A place packed full of goodies for a healthy life.

Goodies– Cold pressed juices, yogurt smoothies, parfaits

Cost for two- Rs. 600


They say health is wealth and it certainly is true. But with the ever busy lifestyles of people these days, it becomes difficult to actually take time out to do something for our health.

While physical activity is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy turns out to be equally important. Though it is not practically possible to eat healthy food all the time, it is possible if we give ourselves a shot of nutrition every once in a while. 

And focussing upon this idea, we have seen a lot of companies introducing the concept of Cold Pressed Juices to give us the nutritional boost that our bodies require and need.

One such new entrant into this industry would be Zoe. A brand that is committed to making healthy and nutritious food and drinks to compensate for the nutrition that our regular meals don’t give us. Currently operating in Gurgaon, Zoe was launched a few weeks back and has been receiving positive feedback for their range of cold pressed juices and yoghurt parfaits.

Right now they are delivering all over gurgaon at 0 delivery fee and no fixed minimum order quantity. While if your order is more than Rs. 500, then they can deliver to Delhi as well.

Not only do they have cold pressed juices and delicious parfaits, they’ve added vegan frappes and smoothies to their existing menu. The fact that they have the nutritional and micro-nutritional info printed on the labels is certainly a plus point as no other brand is doing that in India.

A week back I tried their cold pressed juice and was impressed by the fact that it had actual fruits in it. While the ones that we generally get in the market lack fibre and pulp, whereas the ones at Zoe have actual fruit segments, thereby, being more fulfilling.

Though the cold pressed juice was nice, it was the yoghurt parfait that became the highlight for me. Fresh, fulfilling and delicious, the yogurt parfaits can easily replace your over-sweet and calorie laden desserts or a not-so-healthy breakfast. Filled with a variety of fruits, these are indeed a steal deal at only Rs. 150.

I tried Verve and Brio, and both were equally good. Though I did feel that Brio, the one which had oats was a tad bit too sweet for my liking. Probably if the sweetness is reduced or if honey is served separately in a tiny container, then it’ll be better as one would be able to adjust according to their taste.

However, verve had the perfect balance of sweetness and was finished by me without sharing even one spoonful of it. The mildly sweet and smooth yogurt along with the bite of banana, grapes and chia seeds turned out to be the perfect harmony of textures and flavours.

Overall, if you’re thinking of taking a dose of goodness without having to compensate on flavour, then Zoe can be the go-to option for you. And ofcourse, the parfaits are not to be missed!

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  1. Sheebu says:

    Definitely ordering for some after reading your review!


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