Back to School with Odeon Social

In a line– A place that will take you back to your school days, only with much better food and alcohol!

Cuisine– Multi-Cuisine

Price for two– Rs. 1500(approx)

Nearest Metro- Rajiv Chowk

Must haves– Oreo Mud pot shake, Dhingras Punjabi Breakfast, Chocolate Blood bath.

‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper’

We all have heard these lines many at times and inspite of that we have a tendency to underestimate the power of a good and hearty breakfast and hence, land up doing the complete opposite of what the quote says. We end up having our breakfast like a pauper, lunch like a prince and dinner like a king.

For most of us mornings can be a chaos. From getting ready for office to dressing the kids, mornings can turn out to be rather hectic at times and therefore, no matter how much we love our paranthas, we end up skipping it.

But what if we find ourselves free in the mornings? Why would you do the hassles of preparing a wholesome breakfast when you can have some delicious breakfast at Odeon Social, and one, which you wouldn’t want to skip.

After Hauz Khas and Def Col, Social has opened its doors in the ever popular Connaught Place. Set on the first floor of the odeon building, social is going to take you back to your school days, but with much better food and alcohol!

Climb up the wooden stairs, mark your attendance and get ready for an experience that you’re surely not going to forget anytime soon, not only because of its food, but because of its ambiance as well.

With the trophies on a wall, a hanging skeleton in a cupboard, a huge wall covered with books, a jhoola in the balcony, the interiors are tastefully done and it’s these little elements that are going to keep your eye balls busy for a while as you soak in the school-like feel of the place.

Odeon Social was the place where I spent an enchanted Sunday morning with some drool- inducing breakfast platters and great company. Their talented kitchen suits different needs, so if you’re a health freak and don’t want to gain those extra calories, then the Granola with Yoghurt and fresh fruits paired along with a jar(not glass!) of fresh juice is all you will need, or if you want to start your day on a not-so-healthy yet wholesome and delicious breakfast, then one breakfast platter is all you need to satiate those hunger pangs.

If pancakes are your motivation to get up in the morning, then their fluffy blueberry pancakes with maple syrup are going to become an addiction. While if you are the one of those who want some spice in their lives, then go in for the spicy social bhurji, that is topped with crunchy aloo salli and served with buttered buns to balance out the spiciness. Served in a steel lunchbox, this will be perfect for those with little appetite.

Whereas, if you like it big, then either of these are going to keep you going for the day-

Dhingras Punjabi Breakfast: Stuffed parantha, choley, samosa, chutney, achaar, dahi, cutting chai and lassi. All this at just Rs. 280. If this is not a steal deal, then I don’t know what is. A heady breakfast for the true punjabi in us!

Hardy Bhai’s Ishtyle Breakfast– Masala keema topped with an egg and served along with bun maska, khaari, biscuits and masala chai. Though I would have liked the egg yolk to be runny, the spicy keema masala went beautifully well with the buns and khaaris too!

Riyaaz’s Breakfast of Champions- As the name itself would suggest, this platter needs serious gluttony or simply needs two empty stomachs to devour. Melt in the mouth anda shaami, a steak sandwich loaded with cheese, the all time favourite combination of Peanut Butter n Jelly sandwich along with a glass of thick Milk shake and a cup of warm Irish Coffee topped with whipped cream, for the morning lashing of liquor.

Ending each and every meal on a sweet note is very important for a balanced diet(No ? well at least for me it is!). So if you’re a choco-holic then these two desserts are going to be no less than a celebration in your mouth; Layer cake and Chocolate Blood Bath.

The layer cake consisted of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, caramel mousse and was topped with a white chocolate disk that melts as you pour the warm chocolate ganache. Choco-porn much ?

While if you like to go completely outrageous, then chocolate blood bath is the dessert for you. Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate ice cream, chocolate mousse, chocolate fudge, chocolate truffle, chocolate sauce, all of these in a tiny bathing tub. You’d simply want to drown in this..seriously!
Overall, the vibe, the delicious food, the brisk service, all came across as equal players at the Odeon Social. Along with the perfect lighting and spacious interiors, your visit is certainly going to have a lasting impression.


Food- 4/5

Service- 4/5

Ambiance- 4/5

Value for Money- 4/5

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  1. purvabhatia says:

    delightful! What a fun way to start a Sunday 🙂


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