Leaping Caravan- Bringing forth the lost glory of Indian cuisine

In a line– Bringing authentic and delicious food across the GT road to your doorstep.

Cuisine– North Indian, Pakistani, Awadh

Meal for two– Rs. 800(approx)

Must haves- Butter chicken, Punjabi mutton curry.

The culinary world has introduced a lot of new cuisines to our palate or has changed the presentation, twisted the ingredients and come up with a fusion dish, but at times all we long for is some delicious dal makhni, rich gravy of the butter chicken, spicy dum aloo along with a roomali roti or a laccha parantha. 

So if you are one of those are are aching for a departure from the fancy restaurants and fancy dishes and simply want to dig into some hearty North Indian and Mughali food, and are willing to dig into some dishes the recipes for which belong to past glory, right at the comfort at your house, then think no more because Leaping Caravan is here to fly those cravings away.

Offering dishes that are prevalent across the Grand Trunk Road, leaping caravan explores the dishes from Afghanistan and Pakistan to New Delhi and Bengal. Leaping caravan boasts about the authenticity of their dishes, which they deliver right at your doorstep and hence, a few days back I decided to give it a try.

The order arrived on time and the air tight packaging ensured that the gravies didn’t leak. The quirky labelling for vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes as “Sabz a Hara” and “Kukkad Shukkad” respectively is certainly worth a mention.

The quintessential dal makhni and butter chicken had to be ordered at any cost and hence, was abided by. While the butter chicken tasted great and had a beautiful predominant flavour of cardamom, my all time favourite, Dal makhni turned out to be a bit too salty for me and hence, had to be kept aside. The railway chicken curry was a simple and rustic dish which was prepared with chopped tomatoes and onions along with spices and went along well with the garlic naan. I also tried the soya keema corn, a new addition to their menu. Had a riot of flavours and spices, which complemented the sweet corn kernels well. But it was the punjabi mutton curry that completely stole the show for me. Perfectly cooked mutton in a dark crimson gravy and the burst of flavour, gave this dish a repeat appeal.

Overall, the meal from Leaping Caravan did live upto my expectations. While the dal makhni didn’t quite make it to the safe shore, the other dishes did justice to their names. I will certainly be looking forward to try their kebabs, biryanis and the most important part of any meal, the desserts, in order to give you all a more comprehensive and complete review.

Food- 3.5/5

Packaging- 3.5/5

Delivery- 4/5

Value for Money- 3.5/5

Website: http://www.leapingcaravan.com

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