The Salad Bowl- Enjoy healthy food without skimping on taste

In a line- Bringing fresh salads, wraps and cold pressed juices right at your doorstep.

Cuisine– Healthy bites

Price for two– Rs. 800(approx).

Must haves- Customised cold pressed juice, Grilled chicken BLT wrap

Agreed that we love our deep fried fries and pizzas loaded with cheese and guilty pleasures, but once in a while it is important for us to get ourselves a shot of health too. We all know that health is wealth and at times, when do don’t realise this reality, we do end up spending a lot of wealth to actually gain a bit of health. 

Setting aside the cliche of healthy food being boring, unappetising and tasteless, The Salad Bowl, as the name itself would suggest has come up with a variety of gourmet salads that are made from organic produce and high quality ingredients. Located in GK, The Salad Bowl is delivering all over south Delhi for orders above Rs. 300 in about 60-90 minutes, based upon your location.

Their menu not only covers a list of pre-set salads, you can also make your own salad by picking the ingredients that you prefer. If a bowl of salad is inadequate to quench your hunger and you’re looking for something more fulfilling, then their Wraps are just going to work just fine.

If you happen to be a heath freak, then you can even administer the number of calories that you intake as their salads and wraps specifically mention the number of calories that a dish entails.

While you can simply enjoy a glass of lemonade or Iced tea made with palm sugar to accompany your wholesome meal, I’d rather recommend you to try their cold pressed juices. The in-vogue cold pressed juices are considered perfect for a shot of goodness, but what sets The Salad Bowl apart from all its other competitors in the cold pressed juice market are their customisable cold pressed juices.

All you have to do is choose the ingredients that you’d like and they will deliver it to your doorstep.

I choose to get myself a mix of pomegranate, chia seeds, beetroot and orange(Rs. 149) Strangely enough, it turned out to be rather good and thereby didn’t make me regret my choice!

And if you’re not willing to experiment, then their pre-set cold pressed juices(Rs. 129) almond milks(Rs. 149) and smoothies(Rs. 149) can be a good option too.

A couple of days back I gorged onto their delicious Signature Rocket Salad(Ra. 369) that had the perfect melody of textures and flavours, each complementing each other. The fresh rocket leaves with the saltiness of the feta along with the bite of cherry tomatoes and crunch from the pine nuts and walnuts, all with an Italian herb dressing brought together the salad very well. Their wraps are good enough to feed a hungry soul and are priced between Rs. 239-Rs. 269. I devoured the Grilled Chicken BLT Wrap that had the perfect balance of the flavour of salty bacon with the moistness of the chicken meat and crunch of the romaine and lettuce. The whole wheat wrap is certainly going to be my go-to option and a great alternative to some deep fried fast food, while tasting equally good.

Overall, my meal from The Salad Bowl turned out to be a great departure from the regular not-so-healthy meals that I end up having mostly. While they are going to add a few more salads to their already existing menu, I would like them to add on a few guilt free desserts to the menu as well, so as to make an entire meal that ends on a sweet note.


Food- 4/5

Packaging- 4/5

Delivery- 4/5

Value for Money- 3.5/5

The Salad Bowl Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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