Tasha’s Artisan Foods- Where food is pursed with Pure Passion!


In a line: Delivering happiness to your doorstep with baked goodies.

Cuisine: Bakery

Price for two: Rs. 500(approx)

Must haves: Ragi chocolate brownies, pull apart cheese bread, granola parfait, mango cheesecake jar, nutella cake jar.

When food is pursed with pure passion and the essence of the term flawless is well understood, culinary magic happens that makes eating a celebration of flavours that is perfect to brighten up the day and chase the blues away.

Putting the art in artisan, the fresh baked goodies from Tasha’s Artisan Foods are guaranteed to have a lasting impression that are going to etch so vividly, that it’ll force you to recommend it to anyone and everyone you meet.

Natasha, the owner of Tasha’s Artisan Foods, finds her passion in cooking and is all geared up to set her passion flow with the delicious offerings from her home kitchen, that certainly is very well equipped with fresh and local produce which she craftily uses to weave delicious dishes. Delivering currently in Gurgaon over orders above Rs. 500(Rs. 50 being the delivery charges), a substantive order can find itself getting delivered in Delhi as well.

The offerings at Tasha’s are not the run-of-the-mill sorts, but instead include delicacies that are prepared in her own kitchen. The unusual twists in recipe, infusion of local and fresh produce and cooking with soul, are things which set this delivery based kitchen, unique and different.

Saying that I had a great experience gorging onto some delicious savory and sweet offering by Tasha’s Artisan Foods will be no less than an understatement. Be it the pull apart cheese bread, which was full of guilt with all the cheese and buttery goodness, along with the hint of herbs and chopped jalapeños, the chickpea and khus khus salad which was very well balanced with the fresh pomegranate seeds or the purple colored beetroot hummus, the freshness of which made me finish it as soon as the container was opened, every dish was delicious in its own decided decadence.

While the savory items did win over my heart, sweet surprises are always given precedence over anything else. Every dessert jar that I had opened had a beautiful celebration of flavours and textures and went along so well that I couldn’t help myself, but to finish them all and then head on for a sugar rush. The fresh mango was crowned the king of fruits in the velvety mango cheesecake. The granola parfait, loaded with goodness of granola, fresh fruits and mildly sweetened yogurt, this can be the perfect thing to kick start your day. And if your sweet tooth aches for a chocolaty dessert, then the nutella cake jar, that has layers of moist chocolate cake and chocolate mousse, is just the thing that you need to satiate those cravings and if this is not sufficient, then the ragi chocolate brownies will just work just fine. These are not simply desserts but an addiction, one which wouldn’t do any harms

Overall, Tasha’s Artisan Foods is a place that is certainly on it’s pursuit of perfection and this is what happens when utmost passion and love is put into something!

Website: http://www.tashasartisanfoods.com/

Tashas Artisan Foods

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