Rustic and flavoursome: Khada Masala Chicken 

Succulent morsels of chicken simmering in a rich dark crimson gravy, packed full of flavour which sends off an inviting aroma that is good enough to make anyone drool, a good chicken curry is without doubt a crowd pleaser. 

Everyone needs a bit of spice in their life, and my recipe for a delicious khada masala chicken or chicken simmered in raw spices, is the ultimate chicken gravy that will make you lick your fingers off and will leave you with the desire of having just a bit more.


Chicken(500 grams)
Ginger Garlic paste(3 teaspoons)
Onion: roughly chopped(1)
Tomato purée(2 cups)
Dried red chillies(4-5)
Cumin seeds(half teaspoon)
Star anise(1)
Bay leaves(1-2)
Green cardamom(2 pods)
Cinnamon(1 stick)
Coriander leaves(for garnish)
Red chilli powder(1 teaspoon)
Salt(to taste)

Serves: 3-4


1. Take a pan and put ghee/oil along with all the dry spices mentioned above.

2. After frying them for a bit, add in the ginger garlic paste and fry till it turns golden brown.

3. Add the red chilli powder, salt and the chopped onions and cook till the onions turn translucent(adding salt and onions together will help the onions to cook faster).

4. Put the tomato purée in the pan and cook for 10 mins till the tomato cooks down.

5. Wash the chicken pieces and add to the pan along with a dash of water and cook for another 10-15 mins, till the chicken is nicely cooked.

6. Garnish with roughly chopped coriander and serve hot with some hot paranthas or steamed rice.

Happy cooking!

Indian chicken curry with raw spices
Khada Masala Chicken

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