India’s first aphrodisiac bar: HotMess

In a line: Excite and delight your palate with a great selection of aphrodisiac drinks and dishes at this stand alone restaurant and bar in Central Delhi.

Cuisine: Multi-cuisine

Price for two: Rs. 2000(approx)

Nearest metro station: Rajiv Chowk

Must haves: Nacho pencho, chur chur pizza, galauti burger sliders, red velvet brownie

With numerous swanky eateries barraging the city, it is imperative for them to be unique in some form or the other in order to have the quintessential competitive edge to survive in today’s market. Keeping this in mind, this restaurant took a completely new approach to set itself apart from the rest of the crowd, by simply focusing upon ingredients.

Located in the heart of the city, Hotmess, India’s first aphrodisiac kitchen and bar, opened it’s gates for people to stimulate their taste buds and take back an experience that becomes worth sharing. This one-of-its kind kitchen and bar has come up with an interesting menu that has a variety of innovative recipes prepared using aphrodisiac ingredients like avocados, chilies, chocolates and wines, which surely wouldn’t fall short to turn you on!

Covering a wide number of dishes to binge on, their menu manoeuvres from delicate salads and soups to some bold and hearty pizzas and burgers and ends on a food-gasmic note with some delectable desserts. The decor is as eclectic as the menu. Hotmess boasts of the 40 feet long bar that is extravagantly equipped with a wide assortment of drinks and serves up some great concoctions that are going to keep you going. The plush violet velvet seating along with hues of wood and yellow lighting add to the grandeur and quirk element to this stand alone restaurant.

Take your pick from the wide range of drinks for a refreshing break from the monotonous cocktails available at other restaurants. Start with a refreshing beer and watermelon based drink called sparkling daisy which has a beautiful hint of rosemary or jump onto the heady bourbon and orange liqueur based drink: one for the road, that beautifully comes in a hip flask along with fresh pineapple to cut through the alcohol. The signature drink, aphrodisiac,a vodka based concoction that has the flavour of ginger complementing the hint of vanilla along with green apple, is actually aphrodisiac! If you like to keep to sober, then either of the shakes or the hotmess punch would be a great pick.

Those great drinks should be accompanied along with some great food as well, and hotmess has left no stone unturned to come up with an interesting menu. You may try the in-house nachos, nacho pencho which are loaded with salsa and cheese and served along with more salsa and sour cream or devour the tender morsels of bourbon smoked chilly chicken that come with a huge glass cloche filled with jack daniels smoke which renders a mellow smoky flavour. While if you enjoy sea food, then the buttery celery garlic prawns should be your pick for the hint of freshness of lemon in the dish that does not over power the flavour of the prawns. The chur chur pizza, prepared by using puff pastry as the base, sounds unusual and weird, but turns out to be a must have because of it’s unfamiliar texture that goes well along with the cheese and toppings.

No meal should ever conclude without a dessert, and if at hotmess, it should not conclude with just one dessert! This is the part of the meal which can push up your desires and leave you craving for more. Enter the world of choco-gasm with the flaming chocolate crunch cake that comes over a flame, keeping it warm and gooey and the choco crunch which adds to the texture bit or indulge into some drool-inducing red velvet brownie with ice cream that has a salty twirl of cream cheese that complements the sweetness of the moist brownie.


Overall, if you’re looking to excite your palate, then hotmess is a great destination to spend some quality time while you sip onto a great drink and munch onto a delicious dish.


Food- 4/5
Service- 4/5
Ambiance- 4/5
Value for money- 3.5/5

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