Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival with Yauatcha

In a line: Yauatcha, a Michelin starred restaurant, brings the limited edition Dragon Boat Festival menu dedicated to rice dumplings, alongside a decadent dessert and a heady wine-based cocktail.

Where: Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj

Menu available from: 1st June- 30th June 2016

Price for two: Rs.2000(approx)

Insight into the history:

A celebration of diversity and culture, the dragon boat festival is held on the 5th day of the 5th lunar calendar and has a history of over 2000 years. It’s a traditional holiday that commemorates the death of the famous Chinese scholar Chu Yuan who plunged himself into a river. Since it happened on the 5th day of the 5th lunar calendar, the festival is marked on the same date.

Shocked and upset, the fishermen started sailing their boats up and down the river, local people started to throw zongzi(pyramid-shaped glutinous rice) to prevent the fishes from attacking and eating his body and poured jugs of wine into the river, hoping that it will make all the aquatic beasts drunk and will thereby, leave Chu. Following these later, people adopted these as customs which are still practiced today.

Yauatcha bringing in the Dragon Boat Festival feel:

Branch of the Michelin-starred teahouse, Yauatcha boasts of it’s beautifully crafted menu, that caters to both, vegetarians and non-vegetarians equally, and the elegant and simple atmosphere, which exudes a vibrant energy to the entire place. Done in hues of olive and grey, the minimalistic interiors are adorned with hanging ceramic lamps on each table.

Absorbing in the feel of the dragon boat festival, Yauatcha brings to us the flavours of China during this celebration which is marked by eating rice cakes and drinking wine, with the dragon boat festival menu, which is available a-la-carte from 1st June-30th June. The limited edition menu will take you through the festival with a variety of zongzi alongside a dessert that is inspired by the rice wine enjoyed during this festive time and an exclusive cocktail named citrus spritz.

They say that surprises come in small packages and this, though might be a cliché, is certainly true with the rice dumplings getting served here in pyramidal lotus leaf wrapped packages that are filled with sticky rice, mushrooms, beans and meat. While I enjoyed the succulent lamb and crunchy pine nuts zongzi along with the red sauce that is accompanied along with all the dishes, it was the vegetarian mushroom zongzi that I was all over. With just a hint of a few spices, this rice dumpling had fit in perfectly with my Indian palate. Needless to say, the chicken and pork belly tasted equally good, but somehow I had my inclination towards the mushroom zongzi.

The rice dumplings were paired along with the special concoction that Yauatcha has come up with, that is never going down the alley of a teetotaller, is the citrus spritz. Prepared with chandon brut, vodka, dry vermouth and lime, this is one heady concoction that might seem to be mild in the beginning, but will have it’s effects after a while. Word of caution: you might just need one of this!

But the thing that you might need to order more, because one will not suffice, is the special limited edition dessert, which deserves a place in the all time menu. Wine soaked water chestnuts and mango cake with sauvignon blanc, the dessert is as fancy as the name suggests. An outer casing of coconut pannacotta, filled with oodles of chocolate mousse, topped with fresh mangoes and wine soaked water chestnuts for the citrus and fresh bite, served alongside a refreshing and sweet sauvignon blanc sorbet over a bed of chocolate sand, this dessert is without doubt the piece de resistance.

Overall, if you wish to soak in the culture of China, sitting right here in Delhi, with their festive food during the Dragon Boat Festival, then Yauatcha is the place to come with family and friends to indulge into the celebrations and enjoy a great evening over good food and drinks.

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