Search for the best burger in Delhi NCR ends here: The Joint Cafe

In a line: In a city that doesn’t do justice to an authentic American style burger, The Joint Cafe successfully turns some heads around with it’s king sized burgers!

Cuisine: Italian, Continental, American, Burger

Price for two: Rs. 2000(approx)

Must haves: All the burgers!

Succulent meaty patty, dripping with juice, splattered with sauces and topped with crunchy veges, indulgently placed between soft toasted buns, America’s quintessential comfort food, burger, has come a long way in India.

The success of this typical American style food can be marked by the number of conventional burger chains opening up and getting flocked by patrons, not only during lunch and dinner hours, but during breakfast time as well! With an aching to try something different, the mission to satiate our palate has been met by these chain restaurants by introducing different types of burgers. Not only are they experimenting with patties and sauces, it’s the buns too that are getting the limelight now.

But what if we wish to honor this American treasure by digging our teeth into a “real” burger, one that can give us the feel of being a tough competitor in Man Vs Food? This is when you’ll have to drive up to Galleria Market in Gurgaon, get into the little labyrinth and find this gem on the First floor.

Adorned with hollywood movie posters, book shelf and cane furniture, The Joint Cafe has a play of blue and white in the upholstery. With a seating around 25 pax, while it is simplicity that gets reflected in the ambiance, it is all about being outrageous and quirky when it comes to the menu.

Offering a variety of options to kick start your day with their range of breakfasts, the menu swiftly moves from morning bites to tasteful starters to the oh-so-main burgers, mains and shakes. The fact that each and every dish is well explained in the menu helps a lot when you’re confused as to what to have and what not to.

Last weekend, in my devour-food-on-sight mode, I started with the Full Monty English Breakfast along with a glass of Tiramisu Cheesecake Shake. Having opted for poached eggs and grilled chicken sausages, I binged on to the deliciously smoky spanish bacon and jacket potato as I sipped onto the thick, yet not-too-high-on-coffee shake. A dash of more coffee would have taken it to a whole new level.

Without mucking around, it was time for some real business, and the one that Joint is known for. It was time to order and demolish the king sized burgers that come along with garlic parmesan aioli, coleslaw and a portion of french fries. One lamb and one chicken burger was ordered to be slayed. For the lamb patty, I opted for Tres Amigos and for the chicken patty, Pistol Pete was chosen.

Both the burgers were innocuously covered with English cheddar cheese, crispy streaky bacon strips, their home made chilli relish along with the caramelized onions and fried egg with dripping yolk. Juicy and packed full of flavor, both the burgers were delicious in their own decided decadence. Even though it was tough for me to pick which one was the best, it was the lamb patty that I was inclined towards. All because of the juices that tricked down my fingers as I had a sinful bite of this tantalising burger. The burgers were so huge, that 2 hungry souls can have one along with a shake each and they’ll be good to go.

Even though the prices seem to be a bit on the higher end, it’s the quality that ultimately matters and reflects in the final product, and thereby, makes it a winner dish which is worthy of the price at which it is set.

Overall, while the owner claims to not have a reason behind giving this place the name as “The Joint Cafe”, going by my experience, the name got justified after I had a hearty meal and felt high over the guilty meal(Burger “joint”) indeed. Needless to say, the ride back home was lethargic, but a happy one!


Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 3.5/5
Value for money: 4/5

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