Chao Bella: Take your taste buds from Italy to China

In a line: A casual dining restaurant in Crowne Plaza, serving Chinese and Italian food.

Cuisine: Italian and Chinese

Price for two: Rs. 2500(approx)

Nearest metro station: Noida city(17Km from metro station)

Must haves: Prawn Salt & Pepper

Is it the freshness of ingredients used in Asian food or the simplicity of flavours in Italian cuisine that makes you drool and forces you to go for just one more bite? Or do you enjoy both equally and find it difficult to choose between either of the two ?

If you’re the one who is pro at using chop sticks, or one who likes to swirl his fork in a bowl of spaghetti, or one who wouldn’t mind marching a fork towards noodles once in a while, then Chao Bella, a restaurant serving authentic Italian and Oriental food, could be your go-to place.

Located at Crowne Plaza, Greater Noida, Chao Bella, translating to: hey beautiful, is a chic and contemporary restaurant that is marked by its spacious and fuss free interiors. The dominant colours are red and cream with muted tones of grey and brown, which lend vibrancy and warmth.

While the place is not easily accessible for people who are travelling by metro, for those who happen to be nearby, Chao Bella might help to satiate your hunger pangs with it’s menu that goes from dimsums and soups to pastas and pizzas.

A few days back I started my degustation at Chao Bella with a few dim-sums. While the pokchoy and mushroom dim-sums were nice, it was the chicken sui mai or open dumplings, which had a hint of ginger flavour, that I enjoyed more. I missed the fiery red chilli sauce in the array of sauces kept, which is what I prefer with dim-sums. The chop sticks were not given any rest, and salt and pepper prawns were devoured on sight. Deep fried and crisp, these simple yet delicious prawns were my pick for the day. Then flew in the crispy mushrooms with honey tomato sauce, for which I required some good fork and knife skills as these were a bit too crunchy and sweet for my liking.

The root mash ravioli with crispy fried onions wasn’t able to impress me with either the flavour or the texture. Adding a herb or two in the filling might help to uplift the flavour a bit. The margherita pizza came in as a saviour of Italian food and was binged onto as I waited for the Chinese mains to arrive.

Steamed red snapper in black bean sauce was paired with nut fried rice and both somehow managed to work well. The softness and sweetness of the fish was countered by the crunch from the nuts and mild flavours of the vegetable rice, thereby, making it a balanced dish. Chicken schezwan with chicken and egg noodle wasn’t as good and the dish overall, lacked the quintessential spice from the schezwan sauce. The balsamic and honey glazed chicken with grilled vegetables, though had a good balance of textures with the crunchy vegetables and the sweet and sour balance, had a tad bit undercooked chicken, which came in as a dampener.

For the desserts, a sampling platter arrived that consisted of a tiramisu shot, banana toffee, honeycomb cake and vanilla ice cream. I liked the fact that everything had mild sweetness to it, but it was the crunchy and sticky banana toffee which became the winner amongst the other desserts that didn’t meet the standards of a top notch sweet surprise!

Currently, Chao Bella is operational during dinner timings, but they will soon open the gates for lunch service as well. A few tweaks in the dishes will bring out the best and will make Chao Bella a place, where people wouldn’t mind travelling, even from Gurgaon.


Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Ambiance: 3.5/5
Value for money: 3/5

ChaoBella - Crowne Plaza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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