A bit of health and a lot of flavour: Au Bon Pain

In a line: A bakery cafe serving up a variety of dishes which will keep you going throughout the day.

Cuisine: Cafe, Bakery

Price for two: Rs. 600(approx)

Location: Multiple locations

Must haves: keema kouign-amann, conewhich

There is something about the whiff of a freshly baked bread that can easily cast an enchanting spell on anybody. And if that aroma is accompanied along with a mellow hint of fresh coffee, tea and cakes, then the place becomes a must visit, even when you’re not hungry, simply because there is always a little room(or an extra stomach. That’s how I like to call it)for a little sweet surprise.

One place where you can get the best of both, a cafe and a bakery, is Au Bon Pain, meaning “at the good bread”. It is probably one odd place which I’ve always went wrong with when it came to pronunciation. While the au and bon are good to go, pronouncing pain is a pain.

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Au Bon Pain has more than 300 outlets worldwide and is known as a café bakery with French heritage that offers fresh and fuss-free dishes, ranging from salads and soups to pastas and cakes.

The global executive chef, Katherine, came to India to explore our palate and then came up with a few interesting additions to the already existing menu, to please our taste buds even more. And hence, to give my true confession, I landed up at Au Bon Pain, Cyber Hub to see if the chef was able to do justice to out palate with the newbies in the menu.

Quench your thirst: If you’d are on the go and wish to grab onto something fulfilling and nutritious, then the banana, yogurt and chia seeds cooler is the thing for you. Perfect to beat those growling stomachs, the consistency of the cooler is similar to a shake and is fortunately, not as sweet. Whereas if you like to go a tad-bit sweet, then orange papaya cooler will work just fine. A drink perfect to beat the heat, this refreshing drink has a predominant kick of fresh mint which gives it the freshness.

Take over those hunger pangs: Conical shape is probably the new fad with pizzas and even kebabs being served in a cone, so Au Bon Pain didn’t keep itself aloof from it and came up with cone-which. A conical bread stuffed with either high-on-spice chicken keema or the mildly spiced tandoori paneer or mushroom and eggplant. While these were good, I enjoyed the keema kouign-amann{pronounced as queen-a mon} more because of the layered bread that it was packed in. The poha bagel sandwich seemed to be an interesting pick, though I am still wondering as to why have these two been kept together. Both were great in their own decided decadence and together, couldn’t work. Other than these, I also got my teeth into their creamy and cheesy chicken mac & cheese, that came along with two slices of garlic bread. The summery open-face Margherita sandwich was nice and had a beautiful undertone of basil pesto. Their thai red curry with vegetable rice, oddly enough, tasted rather good. While I may not comment upon the authenticity of the dish, the flavours worked together and I wouldn’t mind going back for it.

Sweet Endings: Going to a bakery with high expectations and not getting fully satisfied isn’t a very good thing. While everything went fairly well till the savoury dishes, the muffins{Red velvet, banana, chocolate chip} were way too dry for me to enjoy. The only saviour that came to save the day was the dark chocolate cookie. Get it warmed and you’ll be set.

Confession: Being a bakery cafe, I had high expectations with the desserts and ultimately ended up getting a bit disappointed with those. The savory section gets a thumbs up.

Don’t forget: They’re offering unlimited refills of 5 types of tea, vanilla(my favourite), masala, green tea and assam, for only Rs. 50. So if chai is your poison, then don’t let go of this deal!


Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Ambiance: 3.5/5
Value for money: 3.5/5

Au Bon Pain Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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