Craving for a delicious chicken biryani ? Recipe Simplified!

Fragrance of the fluffy rice that comes from opening the vessel, tenderness of the meat used in the cooking process, flavours of the spices that render beautiful aromas, Biryani is probably the most loved amongst all the other rice dishes and it rightly deserves to be.

While southern India was exposed to this aromatic and flavourful rice dish through the Arabs, Mughals were the ones to introduce it in Northern India.

Each region has its own unique take on this delicious preparation, some like to use potatoes along with chicken, some like it with red meat and some with sea food. It’s the diversity with which a biryani can be made, that it makes it very difficult to comprehend what an authentic biryani actually is.

Without dwelling much upon authenticity, I present to you, my version of dum chicken biryani, that is much more easier to prepare and is equally good in terms of flavour.

Serves: 2

Cooking Time: 1.5 hours


Dry Spices:
Cinnamon Bay leaves(2)

Basmati rice(1 cup: half cooked with the dry spices above and then drained to remove excess water)
Chicken(300 grams)
2 chopped onions
2 chopped tomatoes
Ginger and Garlic paste(2 teaspoons)
Green chilli paste(1 teaspoon)
Curd(1/2 cup)
Red chilli power(1/2 tsp)
Turmeric powder(1/2 tsp)
Garam Masala powder(1/2 tsp)
Julienned and deep fried onions(till dark brown and crisp)
Mint leaves
Coriander leaves
Kevda essence

Marinating the Chicken:
1. Add curd, turmeric powder, ginger garlic paste, chilli paste, garam masala, red chilli powder, salt and oil along with the pieces of chicken.
2. Mix well and keep the chicken aside for at least an hour.

Assembling the Biryani:
1. Take a pan and add ghee along with the dry spices and let them release the flavours.
2. Add onions and cook till golden brown. Then add in the tomatoes and let the tomatoes cook down for another 5-10 mins.
3. Add in the marinated chicken and cook for another 5-10 minutes. Note: we do not have to cook the chicken completely at this stage as it will cook along with the rice as well.
4. Take a microwave safe bowl and start to layer the half cooked basmati rice and chicken one after the other.
5. Add a pinch of kevda along with the fried onions, mint and coriander leaves and dry fruits and cover it up with a lid.
6. Cook it in the microwave for around 8-10 minutes and add a pinch of water in between to insure that it does not dry out.
7. After taking it out from the microwave, let the biryani cook in its own heat for another 10 minutes.
8. Serve hot with some spicy mirchi ka salan and cooling raita.

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  1. Lyf&Spice says:

    A biryani freak that I am, I will surely try this out! 🙂


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