Eating healthy isn’t about unappetizing food at Devang House, The Ashok

In a line: Bringing healthy organic food with farm-to-table concept.

Cuisine: North Indian, South Indian, Italian,Healthy Food, Vegetarian, Asian

Price for two: Rs. 1000(approx)

Location: The Ashok, Chanakyapuri

Must haves: Cooling rice conjee, hariyali kebabs, kashmiri chole pulav with navratan korma

No matter how much we enjoy going out with friends over a few drinks and catching up with family over a wholesome meal, in our everyday lives, full of commotion and humdrum, we all seek a little escape to enjoy simple and stress-free moments. There are times when it’s not the calorie laden butter chicken and flavour-packed biryani that we ache for, but simple and delicious food that we need to satiate our hunger pangs.

While if you’re a vegetarian or a person who simply aches for a departure from the not-as-healthy non-vegetarian meals, Devang House can be the perfect destination to unwind after a busy day or over a lazy Sunday brunch.

Devang House, meaning a part(ang) of gods(dev), is a quaint and fuss-free restaurant located inside The Ashok. Enter Amaatra, the spa at The Ashok and you’ll start to feel the positive aura of this welcoming place. As you walk towards the main restaurant, you’ll observe various sections like individual cabanas and seating in the lawn in front of the main kitchen and the juice station, that will be the perfect place to sit and enjoy a healthy meal under the sun. And if the weather does not permit, the cafe-style restaurant can accommodate around 30 pax. Done up in hues of white and blue, the place exudes a positive natural energy and is marked by its simple wooden furniture and a baithak, low seating area with cushions.

It is an adobe where taste meets health with some beautiful organic food, prepared with all freshly sourced products from farms in Delhi and its neighbours. Currently working upon its gluten free dishes, Devang House offers a mix of North Indian, South Indian, Italian and Asian food with the quintessential hint of healthy kick.

On a Sunday Brunch, you can opt for either a energising and refreshing mint lemonade or get yourself a glass of the seasonal juice. Their lemon ice tea can work wonders on a hot sunny day with a salad or two. If soup is what you like to start your meal with then the tomato dhaniya shorba served with slices of ragi bread can be a good pick but it’s the cooling rice congee that takes the limelight. Served along with a tangy and spicy red chutney, the curry leaves render a delicious flavour to the otherwise simple cold soup. Two options of salads are presented, beans and sesame salad, and sprouts and pomegranate salad. Add the citrus punch to the sprouts salad with lemon and enjoy the sweet, salty and tangy fresh salad.

Among the appetisers, while the hot garlic mushrooms tasted great with the tossed bell peppers, the fried sabudana tikki with fresh green chutney is a great pick. The hariyali kebabs came skewered with mint chutney and taste so good that they can give a non-veg kebab a run for its money.

Odd as it may seem, a stone oven pizza also finds a place in the menu. The tiny thin crust pizza is topped with bell peppers and mushrooms and is so light that you wouldn’t feel like you’ve had a pizza. Though the quantity might not do justice to the price for it. The kashmiri chole pulav with navratan korma should be opted in mains without fail. Dry fruit rich pulav with chole, served along with a creamy and flavourful vegetable korma, the combination came across as being excellent.

With the backdrop of calming music, end your meal on a sweet note with their rather unusual desserts. The dense mango and mint cake appeared to have been prepared with sweet potato instead of flour and tasted nice, but didn’t have the flavour of the mint throughout. It was just the sprig of mint that when bit into, rendered the freshness from the mint leaf. The foxtail pineapple and fig thainai is again an unusual dessert, the flavour of which will grow on you quickly, making you finish the delicious dessert all by yourself.

Confession: Devang House is the perfect place to get a bit of nature, health and deliciousness, all under one roof. The farm-to-table concept is certainly very appealing and didn’t make the non-vegetarian in me to regret going to this pure vegetarian restaurant. Focussing not only about food, but culture as well, I am looking forward to attend their cultural events in the coming future. As a suggestion, I’d like to see them mention an appropriate amount of nutritional information alongside each dish in their menu.


Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Value for money: 3.5/5

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