Biryani cravings ? DomDom Biryani is the answer!

In a line: Delivering authentic and delicious Mughlai food and biryanis to your doorstep.

Cuisine: Mughlai, biryani

Price for two: Rs. 700(approx)

Location: A Block, South Extension 2, New Delhi

Must haves: Chicken biryani, nawabi chaap

If you’re one who starts to salivate the very moment when someone mentions the word: Biryani, and crave to have mouthfuls of this heart warming delicacy that is packed with a punch of flavours, then DomDom biryani should now be you go-to place.

A takeaway and delivery only outlet, DomDom Biryani, located in South Extension 2 is here to offer some mouth watering Mughlai food that will surely leave you craving for more. Operating till 3 am, DomDom will make sure that even your late night biryani cravings are satiated.

Fuss-free menu offers 12 signature dishes, the recipes of which are inspired from the kitchens of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the tenth and last nawab of Awadh, who is known to have changed the way Kolkata ate its biryani by adding a hint of Awadhi flavours. Vegetarians might fret because of the predominance of meat in Mughlai food, but DomDom has vegetarian options alongside non-vegetarian options, that taste equally good.

The order arrives in neatly packaged individual boxes and the burrani raita comes in a bottle, making it much more easier to consume. With meat falling off the bone in the non-vegetarian dishes and vegetables maintaining their flavour and crunch in the vegetarian dishes, my meal from DomDom turned out to be much better than I expected.

Rezala, a mildly spiced white gravy made with cashew and poppy seeds, had a mild hint of green chillies and turned out to be a great dish that could be paired well a roomali roti or two. The orange coloured nargisi curry had a bit more spice and more flavours than Rezala and had tomato and cream as it’s base. But it was the nawabi chaap that stole the show. An explosion of spices in my mouth, the nawabi chaap had a rich dark-crimson gravy that was infused with saffron and topped with dried rose petals, making it the quintessential nawabi dish, holding true to its name.

While the nawabi chaap was good enough to make me a patron, the biryani simply added on to the sparkle in my meal. Topped with saffron and deep fried onions, the aromatic biryani had an egg, a perfectly cooked potato and generous amount of chicken meat that was falling off the bone. Paired with the spicy mirchi ka salan and burani raita, something that most of the biryani places miss, it was certainly one of the best biryanis that I have tried.

Confession: With a meal for two costing around Rs. 700, DomDom biryani is the perfect place to order some drool-worthy mughlai food and flavoursome biryani. The only thing that didn’t please me was the phirni, that had the texture of a halwa.


Food: 4.5/5
Packaging: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5

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