A dose of health for this festive season with Frontier Biscuits

With festivities just round the corner, good food cannot be far behind. It’s time for all of us to go out and start doing our diwali shoppings. The most important part being, the gifts.

Take a break from cliches of taking boxes full of chocolates, juices and sweets, and instead gift a box or two of biscuits!

Confused? Are biscuits healthy ?

Well if they’re a part of ‘Celebrating Moments’ collection by Frontier, then you can get a boxful of healthy deliciousness that can be a perfect fit for all the health conscious people.

A brand that was established way back in 1921, Frontier needs no introduction when it comes to biscuits. A brand that is now being recognised as a leading manufacturer of eggless premium biscuits, has now come up with a collection of healthy biscuits that are high on fibre and contain no maida and no trans fat.

Frontier Biscuits

From dalia to honey oats to oatmeat to multigrain biscuits, Frontier has gone all out to please the palate of a health conscious person with its delicious offerings. The no added sugar oatmeal cookies are my pick and these are so versatile that they go along with a hot cup of coffee or even a glass of juice. While these are the sweet options, you could also buy a pack (or 5) of their multi grain chips that are crisp and crunchy and go perfectly well along with a hot cup of chai.

So if you’re looking out for some great gifting options, then its time to take a break from the customary calorie laden gifting options, and its time to instead choose for these healthy offerings by Frontier.


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