In conversation with Chef Vikas Khanna

Fox Life is back with the all new season of Twist of Taste with Vikas Khanna and I couldn’t be any more excited about it.

Vikas Khanna in New York

After his tryst with coastal food, he will now give us a sneak peak into his life, by taking us to his second home, the place that made him the star Chef that he is today, the United States of America. Visiting legendary restaurants, meeting michelin starred chefs, trying authentic delicacies and tweaking recipes is what the show will revolve around.

“I had 104 fever because of a lump in my hand, but inspite of that I wanted to continue shooting Twist of Taste because there are very few Indian shows which get seen worldwide for their original concept. It was my story. I wanted to show the story of a common man and bring it to my home country..and I am very proud of it” said Vikas.

Reliving memories, he will be travelling across New York, Boston and Washington DC, trying out different cuisines and giving his own unique twists to them. Upon asking which would be his personal favourite, he said “I love Washington DC because I have great memory..I cooked for the president for the first time”. Guess that would give us some hint to look forward to the Washington DC episode of TOT.

He added that “the episode that is scheduled to go on air on 5th November will have something very interesting in stock”. While I couldn’t get the entire information out from Vikas, he did tell that it would involve him competing with another chef. We’ll have to wait till 5th to find out about the competition and to know who won!

He also said “I will be bringing something very different to the table”. Let’s get tuned to find out if we will see some Indian-isation in his cooking.

Here’s the promo:

PS- The show airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm on Fox Life and has already started on 15th October!

Thanks to FoxLife for giving me the opportunity to have a quick chat with Chef Vikas Khanna and discuss about his journey in Twist of Taste.

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