Get sweet this festive season with Su Chef 

Festive season is back again and along with great joy and enthusiasm, it brings along some mouth watering delicacies topped with oodles of calories. But let those calories take a back seat and instead allow taste to supersede everything.

Desserts that will make you go weak in the knees, Chef Sugandha from Su Chef is all set to tantalize your taste buds with her delicious sweet offerings this festive season.

Taking something as simple and humble as a besan ka ladoo to a completely new level, Chef Sugandha has quite a few tricks up her sleeve to offer something to tease as well as please our palate. Prepared in desi ghee and topped with crumbled pistachios, Su Chef, hands down offers the best besan ladoos that I’ve ever had. Coming at a price of Rs. 600/ kg, these are an absolute steal deal and something that you should certainly not miss on to, unless you are planning to regret!

Not only was I absolutely floored over the besan ke ladoos, the chane ki dal ka halwa, which is cleverly named Sona Chandi, was great. Chana dal cooked with milk and saffon rendered a beautiful amber tone and was topped with chaandi varq. Though not a very huge fan of halwas in general, this tasted subtle and wasn’t very heavy on the palate. A kg of this deliciousness would cost you Rs. 1500 for a kg and Rs. 800 for 1/2 kg.

The might kheer gets a new avatar at Su Chefs house, as she adds her own sweet little twist to our beloved kheer. Named as nawabi chandni, this kheer is flavoured with rose petals, rose water and has a beautiful undertone of saffron. Topped with gulkand and almond slivers, this royal dessert is served in a kulhad, that infuses its own rustic charm. Costing Rs. 1000 for a kg, I’d advise you to order double as this would get finished way sooner that you’d expect.

A place where food is pursed with pure passion and vigor, Chef Sugandha offers some great desserts to binge on to this festive season.

Not only does she specialises in some instagram-worthy desserts, but she also whips us some amazing kayastha dishes that are surely going to awe every non-vegetarian. Confused of what kayastha food is and what all dishes will Su Chef offer to fulfill your meat cravings?

Stay tuned 😀

Until then, be sweet, offer sweets and order sweets from Su Chef! 

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