Get your muching scenes sorted with INOX Muchos

No one can eat just one or just one bag! Crispy, crunchy and flavoursome, chips are the best snacking options at any point in day. Whether we’re watching a movie, playing a game, bing watching our favourite series or are simply getting bored, a bowl full of chips can be the perfect accompaniment to everything!

INOX FMCG has recently launched Inox Muchos, a range of kettle cooked chips, nachos with dip and ready to eat popcorn, taking care of all your snacking needs! Coming in an eclectic mix of international flavours, both familiar and unfamiliar, muchos offer our taste buds an adventurous ride with their range on snacks. Be it the simple rock sea salt potato chips or pineapple green chilli popcorn, every flavour has a story.

INOX Muchos Range

While popcorn and potato chips are certainly something to look forward to, it’s their nachos which can easily win over any snacking heart. Coming in three different flavours, each with a dip, these were devoured on sight!

Favorites: Jalapeño nachos with cheesy dip, cheddar and parmesan potato chip, toffee caramel popcorn.

Know about their outlets:

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