6 Reasons why you should visit Indigo Deli ASAP!

A brand that defined the quintessential Deli experience, Indigo is one brand that needs no introduction to food enthusiasts. Cleverly designed to balance the food quality and service of a fine-dining restaurant and the ambiance of a classy casual diner, Indigo Deli has arrived in Gurgaon to please our palates with its unpretentious and superlative food.

Opening it’s gates in Cyber Hub for the public to rejoice its European and Continental delicacies, Indigo Deli is where I found refuge last weekend. The live kitchen, indoor and outdoor seating, bar and a go-to-store, all are incorporated by Indigo, to ensure that no one goes unsatisfied. The mindful and non-intrusive service helped to elevate my overall experience.

Here’s how Indigo can be your next place to visit for a great culinary experience:

1. The Deli Store: If you want to grab something on the go, then this is what you will nod in agreement with. You could either grab onto a salad or sandwich or dig into some nutritional muesli. Not to forget, their freshly baked goodies shouldn’t be ignored and for the prices that they have set for them, you wouldn’t get satisfied with just one loaf. Buy: Foccacia

2. The Breakfast Menu: Aching for a departure from the ghee laden paranthas for breakfast? Indulge in some fruity pancakes or bite into their crispy waffles with fruit compote and maple syrup. I would anyday opt for the classic egg benedict that is topped with some creamy hollandaise sauce and perfectly poached eggs(runny yolk! Yay!).

3. For the Health Freaks: If you’re the one who counts calories before eating, be rest assured that you’ll leave with a tummy-full of deliciousness without having to compromise on the taste. Pair your salads with some freshly squeezed juices and you’ll be good to go. You could either go with the classic caesar salad(that is done just as well) or be a little adventurous with their wine poached pear with aragula salad(spiced pecans add a nice textural element).

4. When you are Super Hungry: Don’t have time to eat fancy with fork and knife and wish to dig into some real food? Their burgers, dogs and sandwiches will do the trick. With even the bread being baked in-house, you are surely in for a treat here. For the ultimate hunger pangs, go in for their Deli Favourite Crispy Chicken burger that is topped with fried egg, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, garden greens, tomato, cheddar cheese and comes along with fries and onion rings. Note: The onion rings are so good, that you might want to order another plate before hand.

5. For those Italian food cravings: Quintessential Italian dishes done well, Indigo has rolled up its sleeves while serving out their pastas and pizzas. Their USP, the wafer thin pizzas are to die for. To get the best of both, the vegetarian and non-vegetarian, ask for half-n-half pizza. I’d recommend chorizo pizza for the carnivores and 3 smoked peppers and 3 cheese pizza for the herbivores. Something as basic as spaghetti with meatballs is also done with perfection, so much so, that sharing wouldn’t be an option.

6. DESSERTS: Last but certainly not the least, the most important part of any meal, desserts, are something that Indigo excels at! I could easily give up my entire meal, just to gorge onto their sinful desserts, which will catch your eyes in the glass counter, calling you, waiting to be devoured. While it is very difficult for me to pick a favourite, brownie vs cheesecake, creme brulee and apple pie are perfect to seal the deal. If you’d like to go cold(not actually), then their ice creams would work just fine. Belgian chocolate ice cream with a hint of rum was the undisputed winner!


Indigo Delicatessen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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