Bringing a bit of health to your doorstep: Coldpress Company

In a line: A delivery only outlet in Gurgaon, bringing healthy eats to your doorstep.

Cuisine: Healthy eats, salads, juices

Price for two: Rs. 500(approx)

Location: Gugaon

Must haves: Chicken caesar salad, greek yoghurt chocolate mousse

I agree that it is not easy to surrender to the fast-food urges or to give up on those cravings for delicious fried food, but at times it becomes essential to eat healthy and detox your body. And it certainly isn’t alluring if it comes at the cost of having unappetising salads and juices!

That’s when I decided to try the Coldpress Company, and fortunately, didn’t regret opting for it. A delivery-only outlet operating operating in Gurgaon, Coldpress Company is delivering some healthy food options like salads, coldpressed juices and desserts as well, at a price that wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Coldpress Company

Post holi celebrations called for a refreshing apple feta salad along with my all time favourite chicken caesar salad. The chicken caesar salad, replete with morsels of chicken along with cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and lettuce, had an upper hand when compared to the apple and feta salad, which though tasted great, didn’t have adequate helping of feta cheese. The caramelised peanuts(as opposed to walnuts) was a good departure in the apple feta salad, which added the crunchy textural element.

The salads were washed down with a crimson hued cold pressed juice named Vitality. Made with beetroot, pineapple, watermelon and apple, along with chia seeds, the juice was indeed a powder booster.

Generally, while salads and cold pressed juices are available elsewhere as well, it’s the healthy desserts, which helps Coldpress Company go up a notch. I happened to try their greek yoghurt chocolate mousse, and was rather happy with the combination. The citrusy zing from the orange zest paired with the sourness of the yoghurt and cocoa powder, with palm sugar and layer of digestive no-sugar biscuit, make this a must have dessert!

Confession: The order arrived on time, in neatly packaged individual boxes, with the name of the dish and ingredients mentioned clearly on top. The dishes turned out to be good, and I can’t wait to try their other offerings.


Food: 4/5
Packaging: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5

Coldpress Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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