Head over to Asia 7 for their drool-worthy Cheese Dim Sums and more!

In a line: Experience Yum Cha in style with some delicious dim sums at Asia 7.

Cuisine: Asian

Price for two: Rs. 1500(approx)

Location: Ambience Mall, gurgaon

Must haves: New York cheese, crystal wild mushroom, spicy asparagus, chicken chilli vinegar dim sums.

Tiny parcels of deliciousness, filled with meat or vegetables, fried or steamed or baked, savoury or sweet or both, dim sums are no less than an addiction, and are absolutely perfect for roaring brunches with friends and family.

Forget about being judged by people around you as you order some dim sums, one after another, and indulge into some drool-worthy authentic and fusion variations at the ongoing yum cha festival at Asia 7 in Ambiance Mall, Gurgaon.

Don’t get fooled by the fuss-free and simplistic interiors that are marked by hues of cream and brown, along with a hint of crimson, because the yum cha festival has an interesting and varied selection of dim sums, that will surely leave you craving for more.

Having given some priority to the vegetarian friends that I was dining with, we started our meal with the vegetarian dim sums and slyly shifted to the meat and seafood centric dim sums. The pale spicy vegetable and chives dims sum had an exciting element of crunch with the pine nuts, much like the crunchy almond and broccoli dim sums.

The crystal wild mushroom dumpling had bits of water chestnuts along with the fresh hint of coriander, the spicy asparagus dim sums had a hint of thai herbs which elevated the flavours and went well with szechwan chilli oil.

Even though both of these were devoured on sight, the highlight of the whole meal was stolen by the unusual New York cheese and chilli oil dim sums. Filled with philadelphia cheese and water chestnuts, these “vegetarian” dim sums turned out to be so good, that even 4 portions seemed inadequate.

While the new york cheese dumplings came across as the undisputed winner, the crystal duck and cherry dim sums and the chicken chilli vinegar with chilli garlic flakes are certainly worth a mention. Pair these up with some bird eye chilli jam and you’ll be good to go.

To complete the “yum cha” experience, we concluded our meal with a cup or two of some hot jasmine tea, which soothed our palate, thus, making us not feel lethargic after eating a full filling lunch.

Confession: Overall, Asia 7 had some great selection of dim sums to offer, at a price that wouldnt burn a hole in your pocket and will be worth every rupee you spend. The swift service paired with good food make Asia 7 a must visit.

PS: I was drooling while describing the New York dim sums.


Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Valur for money: 4/5

Asia Seven Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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