For your perfect cuppa: Typhoo Tea

Whether you need to be pushed out of the quilt, or if you’re catching up with friends, or if it is raining, if a cup tea is your drug, then this post is for you.

Typhoo, a brand of tea in the United Kingdom, launched in 1903, stepped into India in 2008. This 100 year old brand has over 25 variants of speciality teas and is popular for its assortment of green teas.


Typhoo had recently launched the new green tea variant, Lemon and Honey, and hence, after all the binge eating in Winters, I decided to detox and get ready for summers, by giving a shot to their new green tea.

The new variant has a beautiful undertone of honey along with the citrusy kick of the lemon, that is perfect to get me out of bed every day. Not only for mornings, but this became the perfect accompaniment to some delicious mandeleine cakes that I made.


Want to know how to make these delicious tea cakes, that will go perfectly well with a cup of soothing typhoo tea?
Here’s the link: Click here

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