Get a taste of the spiciest chilli in the world at Nagaland’s Kitchen

In a line: A hidden gem in Green Park that serves some delicious Naga Food!

Cuisine: Naga food, Thai, Chinese

Price for two: Rs. 1000(approx)

Location: Green Park, Near Uphar Cinema

Must haves: Pork ribs with raja mircha chutney, raja mircha bloody mary, chicken steamed momos, pork steamed momos

The spiciest chilli pepper in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records, Raja Mircha, grows in the Northeastern Indian states of Nagaland and Assam. With a scoville score of 1 million(as compared to the score of 8000 for jalapeño), it beats every other chilli, and is commonly used by the people of Nagaland and other Northeastern states, to spice up their food.

Having fairly good resistance to heat, I have always wanted to try the ghost peppers in some form, but didn’t know where to find them, until I got to know about a restaurant in Delhi that actually uses it in a lot of their dishes. Nagaland’s Kitchen, a cosy restaurant nestled in Green Park market, near Uphar Cinema, is known to serve authentic Naga delicacies.

This hidden gem was my haunt last weekend, when I decided to take on the challenge of trying the spiciest chilli of the world. I got seated and was recommended to order their Raja Mircha Bloody Mary to start with. Though skeptical, I ordered one, along with a glass of mojito, to coax my buds if they caught fire. The first sip was deceptive, making me feel that it wasn’t as spicy, but it was after the first sip, when the stringing heat of the chilli slowly revealed itself and set my palate right, for the dishes to follow.

While their menu offers Thai and Chinese dishes as well, I decided to stick to the specialities of Nagaland, and got myself a portion of pork ribs with raja mircha dip and chicken with bamboo shoot to start with. Chicken with bamboo shoot had mellow flavours, which helped retain the actual flavour of the bamboo and chicken, but as soon as the pork ribs arrived, this dish took a back seat. Crisp skin, well rendered fat and the tender meat on the ribs, paired with the spicy raja mircha dip, the pork ribs became the undisputed winner, even before the other dishes arrived.

After having read a lot about their momos, I couldn’t resist and got myself a portion of their chicken and pork steamed momos. While initially I did feel that six pieces of momos for Rs. 230 isn’t a fair deal, it turned out to be worth every rupee spent, after I demolished them in a matter of a few seconds. Stuffed with meat, these turned out to be one of the juiciest momos that I’ve ever had. The spicy orange chutney will help take these to another level, but don’t ignore the ginger in vinegar, which comes along with the momos, as it adds a touch of freshness to the dish.

Confused with what to order for mains, I decided to order their special meal Thali, that comprises of chicken, boiled rice, boiled vegetables, steamed fish and chutneys. A wholesome thali, good enough to feed a hungry soul, the simple flavours of the chicken, fish and dal were accentuated with the unusual, yet flavoursome chutneys that I ordered along.

While I enjoyed the dry meat chutney and akhuni chutney, it was the extra spicy raja mircha chutney which helped me demolish the thali.

Heads up: the thali is available only from 11:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Confession: Overall, my lunch at Nagaland’s Kitchen was no less than an experience, that comprised of some delicious Naga delicacies, paired with the fiery raja mircha chutney. The one that is available here is a lighter version of the original one, and inspite of that, is rather hot. I eagerly look forward to visit this place soon, and will definitely try their Chinese and Thai food on my next visit.


Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5

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