For those with an adventerous palate: Yeti, The Himalayan Kitchen

If you’re one who is always in a lookout for something different to eat, then Yeti: The Himalayan Kitchen, should definitely find a spot in your places to visit list.

Offering some delectable Nepalese and Tibetan delicacies, Yeti has always been one of my favourite places to visit for when I craved for some drool-worthy momos or fulfilling thali.

Since their Hauz Khas outlet had shut down a few years ago, I became a patron at their Greater Kailash outlet. But now, after all these years, Yeti is back in the ever bustling lanes of Hauz Khas Village, and I couldn’t have been happier.

Here are the four reasons(In order of priority, according to me) why you should visit Yeti for a unique culinary experience:

1. For when you crave for momos: Offering one of the most juiciest momos in town, Yeti presents this humble Himalayan snack, in the most authentic way possible. Tired of eating those masala drenched or tandoor grilled momos? You know where to go next. Try the unusual aloo momos, or dig into my favourite mutton steamed momos. And if you like fried momos, then opt for shabaley, which is basically a bigger version of a deep fried momo.

2. For when you want to experiment with offals: Offals are internal organs of an animal, like tongue, longues, liver etc, and does not include muscle and bones. If you’re one with an adventurous palate, then I’d reccommend you to try Bhutun as a light bite. Deep fried goats stomach, tossed in spices, this can pair perfectly with a drink or two. Try the phokso or goat lungs, that are juicy, mildly spiced and tossed with onions and tomatoes or sukuti sadeko, a dish made with dry buff meat, that is a tad bit chewy, but worth the chew, as it releases some amazing flavours.

3. For those who don’t have an adventerous palate: If you’re not game for internal animal organs, stick to the meat dishes and you wouldn’t be dissatisfied. Thukpa is the perfect meal in a bowl that one could ask for. Simple, fuss-free and wholesome. Chicken dry fry is more like our chin-dian chilli chicken. The dry roasted peanuts on top add the crunch element in the dish. The thakali thali is a of the star dish of the menu, and consists of rai ka saag, dal, mutton curry, their in-house mooli pickle, piro aloo, papad and rice. The spicy mutton curry paired with boiled rice tasted great, and the simple dal that came along was a great departure from bold flavours.

4. For when you want to take a break from the hipster land: If booze is not your cup of tea or if you’re simply not in the mood to drink and dance the night out, this place is perfect to come over, even with your family, and enjoy a hearty meal. You can either choose to sit inside, or outside in the balcony, overlooking the village. The warm interiors are marked by wooden hues, and the traditional artifacts and masks give it the quintessential Himalayan touch.

If either of the above reasons resonate with you, then you know where to go this weekend!

Yeti - The Himalayan Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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