Say hello to the Thingyan menu at the only Burmese restaurant: Burma Burma

In a line: Burma Burma introduces a special Thingyan or Burmese New Year menu.

Cuisine: Burmese

Price for two: Rs. 1800(approx)

Menu available till: 21st May 2017

Location: Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Must haves: Crispy tofu buns, fried lotus stems, avacado ice cream, nutella bubble tea

It’s fresh, healthy, hearty and delicious, Asian food has been rejoiced all over the world. Be it sushi from Japan, curries from Thailand, dim sums from china or nasi goreng from Indonesia, with globalisation, Asian food isn’t something that is difficult to find. Unless it’s Burmese food.

Being one of the most isolated countries in the world, the food of Myanmar hasn’t got the attention that it deserves, and maybe this is the reason why there aren’t a lot of restaurants offering Burmese delicacies.

The Burmese Khau Suey is the only “Burmese” dish that most of us are aware of, and hence, when the restaurant: Burma Burma came into the Delhi NCRs food umbrella, I couldn’t have been happier.

While it certainly was a little offsetting to hear that Burma Burma is a pure vegetarian restaurant, I decided to give it a try nevertheless. The outlet was packed when I visited on a weekday evening, which testified the strong patronage that the restaurant has built over the duration of its presence.

For Thingyan or the Burmese New Year, Burma Burma has introduced a special menu, that will be available until 21st May. The menu has a variety of soups, salads, appetisers, mains and desserts, at its disposal.

The meal commenced with kachin, a clear soup prepared with dried mustard leaves and tomatoes, that was perfect to set the palate for the upcoming dishes. Majyeet thoke or white fungus salad with tamarind dressing had crunchy bits of peanuts, sesame and fried onions, which made it a texturally balanced dish. But it was the Mala ka pin thoke, a salad prepared with diced guavas, which were neither too raw nor to rope, tossed with chilli, peanuts and onions, that clearly had an upper hand.

While waiting for the other starters to arrive, I happily binged on to kyar yoe kyaw or crispy lotus stem chips that were tossed with paprika and fried curry leaves, along with a glass of some delicious Nutella bubble tea.

The pyanboo majyeet kyaw or deep fried corn fritters tasted nice, but it was the crispy tofu bun which came across as the clear winner on the table. Crunchy tofu patty, topped with some mayo, sandwiched in a bun, these tofu buns were devoured on sight with spicy chilli tamarind sauce.

For main course and dessert, I chose to have black rice. Confused?

For mains, I got a bowl of simple glutinous black rice that was topped with pickled vegetables and eyes peas. For those who like a lot of flavours and spices, this might come across as a little on the bland side. Hence, you can opt for nam pyar khausuey, that consisted of flat wheat noodles that were doused in a broth, and were flavoured with garlic oil, paprika and crispy deep fried onions.

The evening concluded with a portion of their in-house coconut ice cream, which came atop the black rice. While I enjoyed the simple coconut ice cream, I’d happily replace it with the unusual avocado ice cream, which too, was a favourite at the table. Though since it was served on a flat plate, it was becoming a little difficult to eat.

Confession: Overall, the Thingyan menu at Burma Burma is certainly not something that you’d want to miss. Even though I was initially sceptical because of the “pure vegetarian” tag, I left the restaurant, happy and satisfied.


Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5

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