For the love of Pizza | Pizza Hut gets a new vibe!

Think of a buttery and crispy crust, topped generously with cheese and a melange of exciting ingredients. Pizza happens to be the go-to comfort food for a lot of people, including myself, and rightfully so.

While I am not a “crust” person and by that, I mean that I discard the pizza crust, there is one place, who’s crust I just cannot let go of. It’s golden and crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and is even filled with some interesting fillings, if you ask for. I am talking about Pizza Hut. A place that does one of the best pan pizzas in Delhi, Pizza Hut has something new and interesting at its disposal at the Saket outlet.

Understanding that it is important to keep up with changes in today’s competitive market, Pizza Hut has introduced the all-new open-kitchen Flagship store near PVR Anupam, Saket, that’ll elevate your experience, as not only will you be enjoying a great pizza, but you’ll be experiencing something different, something that the millennials will look forward to.

The contemporary and fuss-free FCD i.e. Fast Casual Delco outlet at Saket seats 48 pax and has an open kitchen as the highlight, where you can see your favourite pizzas being made and baked, right in front of you. Not only do you get to witness this drool-worthy sight, you also get the convenience of access to free WiFi and multiple charging points along with the backdrop of some foot-tapping music, which will create an atmosphere that has a casual and cafe-like feel to it.

So the next time you decide to bunk a class or have something hearty and delicious before or after watching a movie at PVR Anupam, you know where you should head on to for a great experience, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Care for a slice?
Care for a slice?

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