Delhi’s gastronomic chronicle with Dehlvi Food Festival at Delhi Pavilion, ITC Sheraton

In a line: Tryst with Dehlvi Cuisine at Delhi Pavilion, ITC Sheraton.

Cuisine: Dehlvi/Dehlnavi

Price for two: Rs. 3000(approx)

Location: Sheraton New Delhi Hotel, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi

Must haves: Delhi fish fry, Dehlnavi dal, butter chicken

Delhi, a place that is no less than a culinary paradise, harbouring cuisines from all over the world, satiating the cravings of every palate and every pocket. But with changing trends in gastronomy, we’re guilty of having forgotten our roots, roots which go way beyond the quintessential “chaat” that Delhi is generally associated with. To take us back to our roots, to introspect how the culinary scene of Delhi has evolved over the years, Delhi Pavilion at ITC Sheraton had organised a sneak peek last Saturday and I couldn’t have been happier.

The menu manoeuvred its way through different eras that Delhi’s food has got acquainted with, from the long-lost recipes involving complex curries and biryanis to the influx of continental dishes, the buffet spread at Delhi Pavilion has imbibed the essence of Delhi’s delicacies in the best way possible.

My short sojourn at Delhi Pavilion commenced with the Chaat Platter that comprised of raj kachori, ram ladoo and karara palak patta chaat. While I I missed the green chutney that ram ladoo is accompanied with, the sweet, spicy, crunchy chaats were demolished in no time. This was followed by the kebab platter, which for non-vegetarians comprised of seekh mirza and fish fry. Seekh mirza was a riot of flavours with a beautiful smokey undertone of charcoal grill. But it was the Delhi fish fry that won my heart with the crisp exterior and succulent moist fish interior which I had with some coriander and mint chutney.

The next course turned out to be the most interesting one; Dal Dehlnavi with biscotti. An amalgamation of moth and split yellow lentil, garnished with julienned ginger, chopped green chillies and roasted cumin seeds, the mellow flavoured dal went well with the crunchy and crispy biscotti that had a mild sweetness that didn’t interfere with the dal.

The mains comprised of a variety of options to binge on to, but there were a few that clearly stood out from the rest. The lehsuni palak motiya was unlike any other palak paneer that we’ve had. Tempered with garlic, the creamy palak had pearls made of cottage cheese, adorned with silver warq, adding the royal vibe to it. The ghost nihari had falling-off-the-bone lamb shank in a deep crimson gravy that was rich in spices and flavours, but it was the simple and elegant butter chicken that I’d bet my money on. Perfectly cooked morsels of chicken in a creamy tomato based curry, the butter chicken at Delhi Pavilion has successfully made its way to my list of best butter chicken in Delhi. And it was this that I concluded my lunch with.

Alas, I didn’t have the time to dwell into the desserts, but with whatever little time that I had in play, each minute seemed to be worth it with the drool-inducing dishes that I was presented with.

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