IRIIS food brings black water, wine tea et al in India

Black water.
How can water be black? Is it the colour of the bottle or the colour of the water itself? What would it taste like?
These are the questions that cropped up in my mind when I was offered this black hued water to quench my thirst.

Making its way in the Indian market, blk. is a combination of pure spring water from North America and naturally black Fulvik Minerals, that give the water its black colour. Hence, its free from any artificial dyes or colourings.

But why even have black water in the first place?
That’s because this alkaline water helps to regulate highly acidic diets, balances the pH level of the body and even fortifies the immune system. The addition of 77 trace minerals, electrolytes and anti-oxidants make it the perfect source of hydration.

Blk. is a part of the multiple offerings that IRIIS Food has at its disposal. Other than the black water, the brand has introduced Wine flavoured teas by Loyd in India. An established connoisseur in Europe’s premium tea market, Loyd tea has an eclectic range of traditional, functional and innovative blends. But it is their unique line of wine flavoured tea that I’d like to bet my money on. Alcohol-free and yet with a beautiful undertone of wine, this blend of tea has to be my favourite. Available in red and rose, the tea can be used to make a quick virgin sangria as well.

Not only this, but IRIIS has also introduced Italy’s favourite confections and snacks from Forno Bonomi. While Forno boasts of amorelli, puff pastry, shortbread and other organic products, but it is world-renowned for being the only producer of the special savoiardi i.e. the ladyfinger biscuits used to prepare the beloved Tiramisu.

The best part about snacks offered by Forno is that you can mix and match flavours and come up with a unique combination. Much like the combination that Chef Mirvaan prepared at the IRIIS Winter Carnival that happened last week at Arttdinox, Defence Colony. He mixed cream cheese with achaar and slathered the mixture on a shortbread, which though might come across as weird, actually tasted delicious.

You, too, can make something different and delicious, maybe a virgin sangria prepared with wine tea by Loyd and blk. water or maybe an innovative snack using offerings from Forno Bonomi. Simply visit:

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