Momos from Hell in the heart of the capital at Odeon Social

In a line: There’s chaats, kebabs, burgers and more in the new menu at Odeon Social.

Cuisine: Multi-cuisine

Price for two: Rs. 1500(approx)

Location: Odeon, Cannaught Place

Must haves: Momos from hell, Old Monk cassata sundae

It isn’t the easiest task to find a place where you can go for a breakfast or lunch or dinner, with friends or with family or alone, on days when drinking is required or when it is prohibited, where you can get humble as well as fancy food, where you can work and even party.

Easiest task…? It seems to be an impossible place to find, but as the cliche goes that there’s possible even in impossible. So well then there is one such place that caters to all the above needs, and that’s social. A place that has built a reputation in the F&B segment by bringing something unique to the table, social isn’t a property that needs an introduction. Marked by quirky interiors, innovative food and offbeat presentation, Social has become my go-to place for obvious reasons.

While there are a few favourites which are a staple order from the menu, upon my last visit to Odeon Social, I came across a couple of interesting additions to it, which, no matter how much I tried, couldn’t overlook. Hence, though I was aching towards the pancakes, I decided to try the poori alu nashta instead. Three fluffy pooris, accompanied by quintessential spicy aloo sabzi, mango pickle, kuchumber salad and sooji halwa, the platter is the perfect breakfast, post which one can take the day head on.

Given my obsession for momos, I obviously had to give in to my temptations, and hence, ordered tandoori vegetable momos and chicken momos from hell. Served with green chutney, the jumbo-sized tandoori momos had a beautiful char from the charcoal grill that rendered smokiness, making it one of the best that I’ve had. Though it was the third dish to arrive, I knew that the momos from hell would be the highlight of my meal. Juicy chicken momos slathered with a fiery red paste prepared with 5 varieties of chillies, these extremely spicy momos from hell teleported me to heaven of momos.

The killer kebab platter would probably be the only bit which might not do justice to the price. The platter consisted of chicken malai tikka, tandoori chicken, mutton seekh kebabs and paneer tikkas. The kebabs and tikkas were spot-on in terms of cooking and flavours, but the pita bread on the platter made no sense with the kebabs. I reckon if that gets off the plate and say, another kebab or tikka comes into the purview, then we’ll be good to go.

We Indians take great pride in our Old Monk Rum and there’s no swaying away from that. Hence, upon spotting Old Munk Cassata Sundae, it was ordered and demolished in no time. With a frozen cake base topped with vanilla and strawberry ice cream, garnished with nuts, cherries and jellies, the sundae got its kick from the warm chocolate and rum sauce that was poured over the cassata. In spite of being a patron of their chocolate bloodbath, I’ll have to admit that there’s one more addition in the dessert list, that demands patronage, and that has to be the Old Monk Cassata Sundae.

Confession: Overall, as always, the new additions to the menu at Social are promising and deserve to be given a try. The addition of momos to the menu has certainly got me ecstatic and I am surely going back for the momos from hell. There are plenty of more additions like Puraani Dilli Chaat Walk, Almond Tikki Chaat, Crispy Chicken Chaat, Fish & Chips Burger, Beer n Cheese Lamb Burger et al, and I shall give these a try on my upcoming visits.

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