There’s no such thing as wrong time for Sushi | Simply Sushi

In a line: The beloved Japanese delicacy, sushi, at its prime.

Cuisine: Japanese

Price for two: Rs. 2000(approx)

Location: PVR Directors Cut, Vasant Kunj

Must haves: Cream cheese asparagus roll, salmon aburi, eel sashimi

A celebration of fresh produce, Japanese food is lauded as one of the healthiest in the world and has successfully stamped the world of gastronomy with delicacies that are hard to resist. Think of a hearty bowl of ramen, crispy fried tempura, wholesome soba noodles or the beguiling sushi, the Land of the Rising Sun has something at disposal for every palate.

The one dish that pops into my mind when I think about Japanese cuisine is sushi. A dish that hails its origin as a way of preservation, sushi is the most beautiful symphony of fish and rice. Deceptively simple to make, sushi making is no less than a form of art, an art which is difficult to master. From the right type of rice to the cut of the fish to the amount of wasabi, everything plays a crucial role to make the perfect sushi.

Simply Sushi

One place, which I recently encountered, that did this gem of a dish adequate justice, was Simply Sushi. A PVR owned property, Simply Sushi can easily become your go-to place to relish authentic sushi, at a price that wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. With an award-winning dish at the helm of the restaurant, Simply Sushi has a variety of sushi at its disposal. A fuss-free menu ensures that you’re not left with a dilemma, and covers a couple of nibblers, sushi, nigiri, sashimi along with a selection of beverages and desserts.

Though I am not very keen on trying vegetarian sushi, the cream cheese asparagus tempura roll is something that I’d certainly go back to Simply Sushi for. Slightly cooked asparagus, velvety cream cheese and crispy flakes of tempura made it a texturally balanced roll. The vegetarian California roll that consisted of carrot, asparagus and avocado couldn’t stand to its non-vegetarian counterpart prepared with crab and avocado that was rolled with tobiko or fish roe.

The salmon roll with cucumber and spiced mayo was nice, but if given an option, I’d rather opt for salmon aburi. Aburi i.e. flame searing renders a new flavour profile to the sushi, which is unusual and appetising at the same time. Dragon roll, a favourite of mine, would probably be the only jitter that I faced during the sushi tasting. Prepared with crab, shrimp and avocado, dragon roll has an explosion of flavours, which I felt was lacking, probably because of lesser use of the quintessential unagi sauce or spicy mayo. To make up for that, I got myself a portion of unagi i.e. eel sashimi, and I am glad to have made that decision. Sweet and tangy, the BBQed unagi turned out to be the best conclusion that I could ever seek! Needless to say, a must have!

Confession: My visit to Simply Sushi turned out to be pretty good, with more hits than misses. The simple menu hits on point and the place is promising for those who are in search of authentic sushi without dealing with the fuss of a fancy diner. They do have a couple of appetisers and dessert options, which I didn’t try this time, but would surely do so on my next visit. The outlet can be paid a visit, even if you’re not watching a movie at Directors Cut, and is going to be worth it.


Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5

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