Authentic Pan-Asian Delicacies Are Just A Call Away | Orient Heritage

In a line: Gourmet Asian delicacies delivered to your doorstep.

Cuisine: Pan-Asian

Price for two: Rs. 1000(approx)

Location: Delivery model

Must haves: Curry dim sums, fiery chicken dim sum, Lamb in Sichuan sauce.

Synonymous with fresh produce, eclectic flavour combinations and vibrant colours, Pan-Asian food is a crowd pleaser like no other.
The very thought of having juicy dim sums, creamy and fragrant curries, fiery stir-frys or a bowlful of hearty soup is enough to cast an enchanting spell on our taste buds, making us crave for some Asian delicacies.

To satiate those cravings, you could either dine-in at an eatery that does justice to the beautiful cornucopia of Asian food or do what I did. Order from the Orient Heritage and gorge down some authentic Asian delicacies at the comfort of your own home.

With an aim to be a benchmark of in-dining gourmet food, Orient Heritage is upping the ante of home delivery by offering an experience as a whole and not just food. By having a menu that boasts of Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Burmese dishes, Orient Heritage is tapping the palate of every Asian food lover, by offering a piece of their culinary magic.

Bounty of delicious grub from Orient Heritage
The bounty of delicious grub from Orient Heritage

Nothing really comes close to dim sums when it comes to binging and if that’s what your plan is, then Orient Heritage has plentiful options to choose from, that taste as good as they look. Be it the dainty prawn har gao or eye-pleasing fiery chicken or the luscious curry dim sums, all are sure to win your heart. Amongst nibblers, the Thai basil chicken cups are something that you shouldn’t miss on to. Crispy fried cups stuffed with some aromatic minced Thai basil chicken served with a citrusy sweet chilli dip.

If healthy is on your mind, then a bowl of hearty chicken manchow soup or a soothing bowl of lemon coriander soup should be topping your list. But if you wish to indulge, then the varied options in the mains will leave you spoiled for choices. Fret not, just order the Sichuan sauce curry(preferably lamb) along with their shitake mushroom-laden hibachi noodles and you’ll be good to go. The heat from the deep crimson coloured Sichuan curry would get balanced with the mellow-toned Hibachi noodles, making it a hard to resist combination. The classics, like Thai red curry with rice, have been nailed, too.

Unlike other Asian food delivery outlets, Orient Heritage has kept those with a sweet tooth in light, and have some delicious sweet deep-fried wontons, available in different fillings like chocolate, peanut butter, apple cinnamon et al.

Confession: Timely delivery, neat and tidy packaging coupled with good quality food have made Orient Heritage a favourite of mine and I honestly cannot wait to dig into their food again!


Food: 4.5/5
Packaging: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5

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