There’s always room for some pizzas | Baking Bad

In a line: For when it’s pizza-o-clock!

Cuisine: Italian

Price for two: Rs.1000(approx)

Location: Multiple outlets

Must haves: Buffalo chicken wings, New York Cheesecake

Who would say no to a freshly baked pizza?
The perfectly golden crust, slathered with a herbaceous tomato sauce, topped with your favourite ingredients (read pepperoni, for me) and of course, the soul if it, cheese.

No matter how many Italian delicacies we would have tried, the very first thing that comes to our mind when we hear Italy, is pizzas. After all, it is one dish that we wouldn’t mind waiting for, even if it takes 30 minutes or more. Baking Bad, a brand chain, now synonymous with doing great Italian pizzas, has ventured out for Napoli pizzas, and I couldn’t have been happier.

Seeking a respite from the thick, calorie-galore, bready pizza-crusts, I decided to dig my teeth into the all-new Napoli pizzas introduced by Baking Bad. Upon recommendation, the Heisenberg pizza was ordered. A meat-lovers treat, this pizza consisted of smoked pepperoni, bacon bits, chicken salami, smoked chicken, green chillies and fresh basil. While the flavours hit the nail on the head, the crust, was a little chewy, dampening the overall Napoli pizza experience. A slight change in the recipe on the crust, and it’ll be a pizza of prime success.


Along with the pizza, a portion of perfectly cooked, spicy and oh-so-good buffalo chicken wings, were demolished in no time. No conclude this fiery trial, I dug into their much talked about baked New York cheesecake. Beautiful and buttery crumble crust, light, as opposed to dense cheesecake topping, with a mellow hint of vanilla across, made this the perfect way to conclude my meal.

Confession: Since the flavour profile of the pizza was great, I’d certainly love to order again from Baking Bad. Though, I reckon I’d try their regular thin crust pizzas to give a final verdict. Needless to say, the cheesecake would remain fixed in all my upcoming orders!


Food: 3.5/5
Packaging: 3.5/5
Value for money: 4/5

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