My 1 day culinary trail in Mysore | Part 2

Stop 6: Walked for 10 mins till Guru Sweet Mart

While I am not a huge fan of “sweet” sweets, I knew that I couldn’t come back home from Mysore without grabbing a box of Mysore Pak. And for that, I headed straight to Guru Sweet Mart. The royal chef had invented this dessert for the king, and it is his descendants, who are selling the original, authentic version of this mithai, at this tiny sweetmeat shop, which can only accommodate 1 or 2 pax at once. Stacks of multicolored sweets adorn the inside and queues of people wanting to grab a box awaits outside. The mysore pak from Guru Swwet Mart, though sweet, is melt-in-mouth, owing to the generous helping of desi ghee. I even went to Mahalaxmi Sweets and Bombay Tiffanys, both of which are also famous for Mysore Pak, but did not stand a chance to compete with Guru’s version.

Stop 7: Crossed the road and came to Indra Paras Cafe

This pure vegetarian restaurant attracted a lot of crowd, thanks to its strategic location and a wide menu encompassing a number of dishes. The restaurant has been operational since 1956 and its strong patronage was palpable. Since I saw a lot of people enjoying chaat, I got a puri chaat for myself. Though the curd wasn’t sweetened, my Delhi-palate did approve of the chaat. I grabbed a jahangiri(much like emarti) before heading to my next destination.

Stop 8: Got into an auto to reach Vinayaka Mylari

Equipped with a seating capacity of just 10-12 pax, this 80-year old establishment is known to serve a version of dosa that is not available anywhere else, the legendary Mylari Dosa. The Dosa is crisp on the outside, like a benne dosa, with soft and puffy interiors like that of a pancake. Smeared with a green chili and coriander paste along with finely chopped onions, the dosa is served hot with a dollop of unsalted butter and is accompanied with simple coconut chutney. Hands down, one of the best dosas that I’ve ever had, and this makes Vinakaya Mylari, my favorite eatery in Mysore, so much so that on my next visit to Bangalore, I’d happily escape to Mysore, just to have the dosa here!

Stop 9: With a tummy full, I walked to a bus stand nearby, to catch a bus to Chamundeshwari Temple

Located 13 kilometers from the city, Chamundeshwari Temple is perched atop the Chamundi Hill, where one can get a bird’s eye view of Mysore. One can either take the steep staircase having one thousand steps was built to reach the 3000-feet high hills where the shrine is located, or take a direct bus to the temple, which takes around 30 mins from the city. Being one of the eighteen Maha Shakti Peethas of the world, the temple draws devotees from all parts of the world. The imposing seven-tier Gopura (pyramidal tower), with intricate detailing, is located at the entrance and can be seen from afar. With the paucity of time and a number of places to cover, I was unsure if I’d be able to cover the temple, but somehow everything fell in place and I was able to, not only cover, but even spend a good 30 mins at the sanctum sanctorum. Blessed.

Stop 10: Got in the bus at Chamundeshwari Temple, got down at Mysore City Bus Stop and walked to Hotel RRR

Another decades-old institution in Mysore, Hotel RRR is an iconic eatery in Mysore, having the same menu offerings, as when it had begun. A paradise for non-vegetarians, Hotel RRR serves variations of mutton, chicken, and fish at a very reasonable price. Everything is served on a banana leaf, the South Indian style. I ordered myself a chili chicken and of course, the star attraction, their biryani. Unlike anywhere else where I’ve had, the chili chicken preparation here was doused in a thick sauce, spiced with just fiery green chilies. Though I can handle spice fairly well, I had a bottle of water handy. And their biryani, oh-so-good. Falling-off-the-bone meat, fragrant, fluffy rice, served with a salan and simple raita to balance out the spices. If I was asked to take a pick between Hanumanthu and RRR, RRR would be the undisputed winner. And even though I was extremely full, after the day-long debauchery that I had set out for, the meal here was so delicious and satisfying, that I stayed for a while, finished my plate(banana leaf) and left as a very happy customer. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to conclude my sojourn in Mysore!

Heads up:

  • It was a solo trip and to make sure that I could eat all that I had planned for, I made sure that I walked to most of the places, 22 kms to be precise.
  • Though if I would’ve wanted, I could have covered the Mysore Zoo, but since I do not support the concept of zoos, I gave that a pass.
  • I wanted this day trip to be a mix of food, my mainstay, and touristy places.
  • All the photographs were clicked with either Sony Alpha 6000 or on Google Pixel.
  • There were no charges to take photographs inside Mysore Palace.
  • Photography was prohibited inside Chamundeshwari Temple.
  • If I would’ve had another day, I would’ve visited Brindavan gardens, Balmuri falls and Krishna raja sagara dam.
  • More food and city exploration on my next visit 🙂

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