How Chicken Momos can be the Best Snack to Improve Protein Intake?

From steamed and fried momos to tandoori and afghani momos, to wheat and chilli momos, the versatile dumpling has become one of the most popular street foods of Delhi, so much so, that the earlier saying of “Dilli ki Chaat” has gradually evolved into “Dilli ke Momos“.

Fancy restaurants, student-friendly cafes and  street-side vendors, momos seem to everywhere. Being the typical Delhi-ite that I am, I can safely admit that I am, much like a lot of Dilli-walas,  addicted to momos. Piping hot, stuffed with juicy, meaty filling and served alongside a fiery red chutney, the aroma wafting all around a momo stall is enough to rev my appetite. Irresistible. 

Considering that momos are now a part of my weekly diet, I cannot disregard the fact that it is tasty yet rich source of protein from whole food. It is known that, chicken is one of the best protein options, with very little fat and all essential amino acids. So, momos have trickled to my kitchen and I ended up making these beautiful rice chicken momos – rich in protein and perfect to meet your daily protein requirement. Fuss-free to make, these rice chicken momos become a meal, with the protein from chicken and the carbohydrates from basmati rice.
Interesting, isn’t it? 

Rice and Buckwheat Momos
Rice and Buckwheat Momos

If you don’t believe me, try the Protein-O-Meter which calculates protein content of our meals and each piece of chicken momos can add 2 gms to your daily protein requirement!. With Protein-O-Meter, not only could I calculate my daily protein requirements, but it also helped me find it I have a protein gap and deficiency. So basically, not only did I make these momos with ease, but I even added on to the health quotient by improving my protein intake.

Right to Protein
Right to Protein

You can also explore  “Right to Protein” which helped me explore protein-rich whole foods from Protein Index (Insert link) and I also learned how protein helps to improve muscle health, boost metabolism, build tissues, lower blood pressure and repair bones et al. 

The fact that 73% of urban Indians are protein deficient, is a cause of worry and one that needs to be addressed. 

So, on this 71st Republic Day, let’s determine to become more vigilant of our protein intake, and if insufficient, focus on increasing its intake. A few little tweaks is all it’ll take, much like how it took me, while replacing mindless snacks with chicken momos,  to improve my protein consumption, and lead us to a healthier, happier self 🙂

Chilli Chicken Momos
Chilli Chicken Momos

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