A little about me and my blog…

With a mission to eat every cuisine that this world has to offer, I, Karan Tripathi bring to you my gastronomical journeys from all the different places I eat and travel to. From the top-notch fine dining restaurants to the humble street food eateries, from some memorable dining experiences to some not-so-memorable ones.

With finance background at the helm and a passion to write and cook, I chose to take the leap of faith and became a blogger who passionately writes about his experiences of food and travel.

My blog is like a little black book that will tell you about the restaurants that I’ve tried, about the small eateries that are hidden gems in true meaning, recipes of dishes that I make, experiences of my solo getaways, my trysts with different spirits and everything of or revolving around food.

Find me sitting in the corner of a cafe, reading a book or writing a post while sipping on to a glass of wine or demolishing desserts 😉

Happy reading and happy eating.

Yours truly,

Karan Tripathi a.k.a Karan Food Fanatic